Aetna Improves Newborn and COBRA Enrollment for AFA

Aetna now has a new approach for Newborn and COBRA enrollment. As part of this, the “Activate COBRA” life event is no longer an option when processing employee benefit changes in Springboard.

Work with the Aetna Answer Team in the meantime. If you would like to add coverage for a newborn baby, just call or email the Aetna Answer Team and provide the baby’s first and last name, date of birth and gender. We’ll process the addition immediately so the next time you log in to Springboard, you’ll see the baby enrolled in coverage.

You can also work with the Aetna Answer Team to enroll an eligible employee in COBRA coverage. Just call the Aetna Answer Team and provide the effective date of COBRA coverage and the type of qualifying event. You can also complete the COBRA Enrollment Election Form and return it to Enrollment.


Contact your Cornerstone representative for more information.

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