WellCare’s First Look is Available!

WellCare’s 2019 first look is available to view their MAPD plan benefits in Kentucky! To view other states available please click here for the full PDF.


Click here to view MAPD plan benefits in KY.

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare Producer Certification is Here!

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification begins July 11 2018!

Aetna’s 2019 producer certification process for Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD & PDP) kicks off on July 11. Aetna’s certification includes AHIP, plus several Aetna-specific training modules, and costs $125. That’s $50 off the retail price for AHIP. So mark your calendars and plan to certify with us, starting, July 11, at AetnaMedicareProducerCertification.com. Remember, certification is one of the annual requirements you must complete to sell our 2019 plans this Annual Election Period.

Get Started On Your SilverScript 2019 Annual Certification!

SilverscriptThe first two courses of the 2019 SilverScript Agent Certification curriculum (Medicare Overview and Compliance) are now available via the Portal’s, www.silverscriptagentportal.comI want to…” section of the Toolbar, PDFs of the courses are available via the Portal’s Resources, Reference Materials section.

You can view these PDFs while taking the course quizzes. This provides for a very helpful “open book” test. If you have completed the 2019 AHIP, Pinpoint, or Gorman certification curriculum, we will give you credit for completing the SilverScript Medicare Overview and Compliance courses. Instructions on how to have the credit applied is on the Portal’s Training & Certification page.

The SilverScript product-specific course will be available shortly after CMS approves their 2019 plan designs. Remember to log back into the SilverScript Agent Portal in or after early-August to complete the balance of the SilverScript annual certification curriculum. If CourseMill presents you with a log in screen, then you may need to add [*.]enrollmentportals.com to use tracking cookies in your browser. You may then need to clear your cache, and then possibly cookies and history.

You must complete the 2019 annual certification requirements prior to December 7, 2018 (the last day of AEP), in order to be eligible for 2019 renewal commission.

Medical Mutual 2019 MAPD Certification Opens July 11, 2018

The Title 18 Attestation is required. All other modules are also mandatory and allow 5 attempts. A passing grade of 90% is required.

New for 2019: each module includes downloadable slides. We have also incorporated the sales presentation videos into the Sales Events Training modules. There are two 12 minute videos. You must remain on the first slide of each video for 1 minute. It will then allow you to proceed without watching the entire video. These videos are posted in MyBrokerLink for future reference/use.

Certification completed beginning July 11th will allow you to sell for the remainder of 2018 as well as 2019.

Watch for dates and times of product roll-out meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact your Cornerstone representative or Medical Mutual Account Manager.

The HealthPlan 2019 Medicare Product Training and Certification is Now Available Online

You will soon receive an email with the training and testing link to complete your 2019 HealthPlan certification. In the meantime, please forward your 2019 AHIP/Gorman CMS compliant General Medicare Rules and Regulations certification to brokerrelations@healthplan.org.

As a reminder, below is the contact information in case you experience any technical difficulties while completing this training:
Certification (training and testing) System Issues
The Health Plan Help Desk
740-695-7610 or 1-877-903-7501

Anthem BCBS 2019 Medicare Certification is NOW OPEN!

Anthem’s start of the 2019 AEP is finally here!

There are SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to the 2019 AHIP.  Please make sure to read this in its entirety.

Here’s what you need to know…

Certification opens TODAY, June 27, 2018!

  • Completed certification taken after June 27, 2018, allows you to sell for the remainder for 2018 AND 2019.
  • AHIP has UPDATED the information in various sections to include new legislation. So please add more time. See below for more details.
  • If you are looking to submit applications online, register for one of Anthem’s webinars on mProducer by clicking https://brokertraining.anthem.com.


Getting Started

  • Visit http://www.medicaremegastar.com/  for details on this year’s Medicare Megastar Contest with the link to “Get Certified”
  • Anthem highly recommends that you take a section or two at a time over a couple of days, rather than completing this all at once.
  • The test is OPEN BOOK. Please use your slides as ALL MODULES have updates in them.
  • If you were certified last year, please use the “Sign In” section.
    • Your user ID is your email address OR your National Producer Number (NPN)
    • If you forgot your user ID or password, there are links below to regain access
    • It will ask you for an access code. Please use External-SelfReg and it must be typed EXACTLY as is it appears here.
    • It will take approximately 8-12 hours to complete re-certification. There are significant changes which is why it takes so much time.
  • If you are new to getting certified this year, please use the box on the right that says “First Time Visitor”
    • It will ask you for an access code. Please use External-SelfReg and it must be typed EXACTLY as is it appears here.
    • It will take approximately 15-18 hours to complete the entire training.
  • Please complete your certification by August 30th so you can pre-order your 2019 Enrollment Sales Kits!


AHIP – if you go through Anthem’s website, there is a discount on the standard cost of $175; it will cost the same as last year, $125.

  • AHIP requires section 4 & 5 this year to be taken and then the exam.
    • To download the slides, click into the module, then on left side click download slides. Click the save button and save to a file folder for this year’s AHIP.
  • Section 1 and 3 have been updated with new legislation and regulation information. Please make sure to spend some time reviewing Section 3 as it pertains to Part D.
  • Section 5 talks about the Open Enrollment Period in detail.
    • Please make sure to download the slides in each section
    • The exam is open book and these slides will help you.
    • These slides and information are great reference tools throughout the year.
      • To download, click the link on the left side of the page
      • A new browser will come up with the document. Move your mouse and you will see a save button that looks like a floppy disk.
      • Click that save button and save the file to your desktop or a folder.
    • You have 3 attempts to pass the exam.
  • If you are re-certifying, you only have to complete sections 4 & 5, but the exam includes all 5 sections.
  • There are Continuing Education credits that you can purchase for an additional cost PRIOR to taking the exam.
    • Cost is $26.00
    • 6 CE credits are available with a passing grade
    • You can only have one course apply within your renewal period.
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training – Nondiscrimination Training
    • New module has quiz questions. Quizzes are not pass/fail.
    • Final exam requires 70% to pass module
  • FWA module now has 5 quizzes, plus a final that you need to score 70% to pass.
  • General Compliance has quizzes and a final that you need to score 70% to pass.


Anthem Modules – Please complete all until you have green checkmarks for everything listed for 2019.

  • These Modules include HMO, PPO, Part D, AND SNP plans. Please complete all Modules.
    • All modules now have downloadable slides
    • Product Basics (appeals, enrollment, etc.) 10 question exam must score 90%
    • Risk Prevention – 20 question exam must score 100%
    • Sales Event Reporting –  10 questions must score 90%
    • Tools for Compliant Selling –  15 questions must score 100%
    • HMO – 10 questions must score 90%
    • PDP – 10 questions must score 90%
    • PPO 10 questions must score 90%
    • SNP – 10 questions must score 90%
    • 2019 Compliance Training
    • 2019 HMO
    • 2019 PDP – Anthem offers stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans in all 88 OH counties. ALL agents should take this module.
    • 2019 PPO –Anthem offers  Regional PPO plans in ALL 88 OH counties. ALL agents should take this module.
    • 2019 DSNP (Anthem highly recommends taking this module in the event you run across an opportunity mid-year. If you do not take this training BEFORE SELLING a DSNP HMO plan, the policy is NON-Commissionable, it is a CMS violation and you are out of compliance.)


Product Training MeetingThis meeting is the ONE meeting each year that Anthem wants you to please attend. There will be some great news to share this year so you will WANT AND NEED to be at this meeting! You can have your administrative team attend, but they do need to RSVP!

You can register for the Product Training Meeting  NOW at https://brokertraining.anthem.com

  • 8-28 Hilton Garden Inn – Mayfield (AM and PM)
  • 8-29 Hilton Garden Inn – Miamisburg
  • 8-30 Hilton Garden Inn – Perrysburg
  • 9-6   Dave & Buster’s –  Springdale (Cincinnati)
  • 9-11 Dave & Buster’s Hillyard – Columbus
  • 9-18 Holiday Inn – Boardman
  • 9-19 Holiday Inn – Lima
  • 9-20 Courtyard Marriott – Akron/Canton
  • 9-25 Dave & Busters – Westlake
  • 9-27 Dave & Buster’s –Springdale (Cincinnati)


Information You Need to Know

  • Once your certification is complete, within 48 hours, you will receive an email informing you that you are Ready-To-Sell. This email will also include the link to Custom Point and your login information.
    • If you do NOT receive this email, AND you show green status bars on all modules for 2018, please contact Broker Support at 800-633-4368 or email them at medicareagentsupport@anthem.com
  • You will be able to pre-order Sales Kits ONLY if your certification is completed by August 31st.
    • Pre-ordering will start August 7th.
    • Anthem will NOT have Enrollment Sales Kits at the Product Training meetings.
  • If you do not make the August 31st deadline, you will NOT be able to order kits and have the GUARANTEED to be at your home/office by October 3rd.



  • Did you know that Anthem BCBS has FREE approved marketing materials for you to use to support your sales efforts?
    • These materials can be customized with your personal contact information including: name, phone and email!
    • Please take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW to set up your profile in the Sales Toolkit! Doing so will allow you to download materials quickly once they become available.
      • Visit Custom Point (You must use a PC based Internet browser)
      • Click on the button across the top that says Sales ToolKit
        • Make sure your pop-ups are enabled.
      • On the left side, click on My Profile
      • Start completing the fields in each section exactly how you would like the information to appear on your materials.


Medicare Supplements

    • To get appointed, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing sales representative.
  • All Medicare Supplements in OH refresh on July 1st.
  • You can run quotes, download new PDF materials at http://shop.anthem.com/medicare
  • To check rates, look up doctors, check medications, please use http://shop.anthem.com/medicare


Not contracted with Anthem or have questions about the 2019 certification? Contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative today!

UHC Medicare Solutions: 2019 Certification Opens June 25!

Mark your calendars! Starting Monday, June 25, you can certify to sell 2019 UnitedHealthcare products.

Certify early! The sales materials portal will open mid-August for Enrollment Guide orders! By certifying early, you can ensure you’ll have materials ready to go by October 1. The longer you wait to certify, the less likely you are to receive materials by October 1.

UHC Medicare Solutions

Passing the prerequisite Tests (Medicare Basics Test, Ethics and Compliance Test, and AARP Course) certifies you to sell Medicare Advantage (MA) AND Part D plans! Don’t forget to certify for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Special Needs Plans to help grow your business.

NEW! A built-in Fraud, Waste and Abuse course
No need to visit the Centers for Medicaid Services (CMS) site to take the Fraud, Waste and Abuse course. The content is now built into UHC’s Ethics and Compliance module and streamlined to ensure you get the exact information you need while reducing content by 70 percent. A huge time saver for you!

NEW! Improved Conflict of Interest Disclosure
To make this annual process easier, UHC has simplified the Conflict of Interest Status Disclosure language (find it in the 2019 Ethics and Compliance Test).

NEW! Events Basics refresh
UHC has also streamlined the Events Basics course content – a 21% reduction from last year – and designed an easier navigation. The course can be found in the electives section, be sure to take it so you can be ready to conduct marketing events.

How to take certifications:

  • Certification modules and tests are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Jarvis>Knowledge Center>Training>Certifications.
  • You will have six attempts to complete an assessment with a minimum passing score of 85 percent.
  • Each time you launch the assessment an attempt is counted, whether you complete the assessment or not. Important: Be sure to schedule uninterrupted time in order to complete the entire assessment without losing an attempt.
  • Upon answering a question, immediate feedback lets you know if you answered the question correctly or incorrectly.
  • For more information, refer to the 2019 Certification User Guide on Jarvis>Knowledge Center>Training>Certifications.

UnitedHealthcare will once again accept America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certification in place of the UnitedHealthcare 2019 Medicare Basics Test (including Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans). More information here.


Questions? Reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative today!

AHIP 2019 & Allwell Certification Update: 2019 AHIP Certification Training is Available as of, June 18, 2018

Completing your 2019 AHIP training through Allwell’s Training Site will provide you with a couple of unique opportunities:


QUALIFY FOR A FULL REIMBURSEMENT OF YOUR 2019 AHIP FEES after meeting a few key requirements*…

  • Must complete 2019 AHIP training through our Training Site (site link below)
  • Must be certified and contracted to sell 2019 Allwell/Health Net MA plans
  • Must have a minimum of 5 new sales with a 1/1/2019 effective date
  • Qualifying sales must remain active with the plan through 3/31/2019

This is the first step in completing your 2019 Medicare Training & Certification.

Follow the Simple Process Below:

STEP 1: Take your 2019 AHIP Certification Training

  • If you have already completed 2019 AHIP Certification training elsewhere, you can skip Step 1. Otherwise…
  • Go to our Training Site on or after June 18, 2018, at https://allwell.cmpsystem.com to access the 2019 AHIP training.
  • New User: Navigate to the “Create a New Account” link under the “First Time Visitor?” section
  • Returning User: Log in with the credentials you’ve used in prior years. Your username should be your NPN and the password you created previously.
  • Complete the 2019 AHIP, Fraud Waste & Abuse and Compliance Exam. Producers must receive a passing score of 90% or better on the test.

Once you complete and pass the 2019 AHIP Exam, print the PDF of your AHIP Certificate of Completion and retain for your records.

AHIP’s Medicare training also includes the CMS Fraud, Waste & Abuse and CMS   General Compliance training.  Successful completion of these courses will meet Centene’s CMS Fraud Waste & Abuse and CMS General Compliance training requirements. 

Please Note: Health Net will only accept AHIP training for certification.

STEP 2: Complete 2019 Allwell/Health Net Medicare Product Training

The launch date for this training will be provided at a later date.

Additional instructions for completing this training will be provided once the 2019 Medicare Product Training is launched.


Important Reminders:

Producers are encouraged to certify by 10/1/18 so they are able to discuss 2019 benefits the first day of marketing and be ready to sell when 2019 AEP (Annual Election Period) begins!

Producers are required to certify/recertify annually to sell 2019 MA-MAPD plans, and be eligible to receive commissions. Annual certification requirements must be met prior to marketing and/or selling Allwell/Health Net MA-MAPD plans for a 2019 effective date.\

  • Producers who do not intend to sell Allwell/Health Net MA-MAPD plans for 2019 must still meet the certification requirements listed below prior to 12/31/2018 in order to be eligible to receive renewal commissions.
  • Centene will accept your certification if you have taken the AHIP certification course through another plan sponsor.

Please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative with any questions.