Aetna Improves Newborn and COBRA Enrollment for AFA

Aetna now has a new approach for Newborn and COBRA enrollment. As part of this, the “Activate COBRA” life event is no longer an option when processing employee benefit changes in Springboard.

Work with the Aetna Answer Team in the meantime. If you would like to add coverage for a newborn baby, just call or email the Aetna Answer Team and provide the baby’s first and last name, date of birth and gender. We’ll process the addition immediately so the next time you log in to Springboard, you’ll see the baby enrolled in coverage.

You can also work with the Aetna Answer Team to enroll an eligible employee in COBRA coverage. Just call the Aetna Answer Team and provide the effective date of COBRA coverage and the type of qualifying event. You can also complete the COBRA Enrollment Election Form and return it to Enrollment.


Contact your Cornerstone representative for more information.

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare Producer Certification is Here!

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification begins July 11 2018!

Aetna’s 2019 producer certification process for Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD & PDP) kicks off on July 11. Aetna’s certification includes AHIP, plus several Aetna-specific training modules, and costs $125. That’s $50 off the retail price for AHIP. So mark your calendars and plan to certify with us, starting, July 11, at Remember, certification is one of the annual requirements you must complete to sell our 2019 plans this Annual Election Period.

New Data Security Requirements for Accessing Aetna Websites

Beginning July 9, 2018, when you visit an Aetna broker website, the site will randomly direct you to download AlertSec ACCESS to your device—you won’t receive this message every time you visit. AlertSec ACCESS is a locally installed client that verifies whether your device has active encryption software and reports back to the broker website. It does not monitor your device, does not have access to device data, and does not encrypt your device. There is no cost to download AlertSec ACCESS.



New Ways We’re Keeping Our Data Secure

Aetna is Expanding in Ohio for 2019

Aetna Medicare is expanding to the following Ohio counties in 2019:


Subject to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approval. Confidential and proprietary. For agent use only. Do not distribute.

Contact your Cornerstone representative with any questions.

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare Producer Certification Begins July 11

Starting July 11, you can complete the 2019 annual certification process for Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD, PDP). It’s one of the annual requirements you must complete to sell Aetna 2019 plans this Annual Election Period. Watch for more details about certification later this month.

AHIP training will begin July 11. Completing the 2019 Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification includes AHIP and costs $125.

Aetna also has an app that you can use to enroll your clients. With the Ascend Virtual Sales Office app, the electronic enrollment tool, you can:

  • Shorten the sales cycle and hold more appointments
  • Submit enrollments electronically
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Reduce application errors
  • Quickly access resources all in one place

To start using the Ascend app, login to Producer World, go to the Ascend Virtual Sales Office app section and then click on “request access” to get started.

Questions? Contact your Cornerstone representative for answers!

Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Cornerstone employees and broker partners are required to report suspected Fraud, Waste and Abuse. You can report Fraud, Waste and Abuse to Cornerstone’s Tim Shook at 513-629-9505 or email Additionally, you can report suspected Fraud, Waste or Abuse anonymously via the following Plan Sponsor hotlines:

Aetna: 1-860-273-3586

MMO: 1-800-762-8130

UnitedHealthcare: 1-877-401-9430

Humana: 1-800-614-4126

Paramount: 1-800-462-3589

Premier: 1-888-271-2688

Anthem: 1-800-203-3738

Aetna Med Supp Plan N Rate DECREASE in KY

Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company has received approval for a rate decrease on individual Medicare Supplement Plan N policies currently available in Kentucky, effective June 1, 2018.

View the new rate adjustments for Kentucky.

Contact your Cornerstone senior service representative for more information.

Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance Med Supps Are Not Taking Rate Increase This Year

Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance Medicare Supplements are not taking a rate increase in OH, MI, PA, and NJ this ENTIRE year. What an opportunity to market in these areas!!

There are 5% higher commissions on Plan N in AL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, MI, MD, MT, NC, NE, NJ, OH, PA, SC, VA and WV

Check out to download the new Producer Guide, New Plan N rates, and Drug guide.


Click here for more information.

GREAT NEWS: Aetna’s Medicare Supplement Plan N Commission Increase and Rate Decrease

Aetna will be increasing commissions on the qualifying Medicare Supplement premium for Plan N policies issued in AL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MI, MT, OH, SC, VA, and WV, effective March 19, 2018. The increase will apply for the first six policy years; with no change to the rate payable in policy year 7 and throughout the life of the policy. The new rate only applies to underwritten or open enrollment Plan N policies.

You can view and download a copy of your revised schedule of commissions here.

In addition, Aetna has received approval for rate adjustments on individual Medicare Supplement Plan N polices currently available in OHIO effective May 1, 2018. The rate adjustments percentage varies by age. Most of these adjustments are rate decreases.

View the new rate adjustments for Ohio.

Contact your senior service representative for more information!

How Aetna Will Handle the Medicare Numbers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be replacing all members’ Medicare cards starting in April 2018.

They are replacing the cards based on a provision in the Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). MACRA section 501 requires CMS to remove Social Security numbers (SSN) from Medicare cards and to replace the use of SSNs with new, randomly generated Medicare beneficiary identifiers, or MBIs by April 2019, to protect the individual’s identity.

Attached is a detailed document regarding how Aetna will be handling the new Medicare numbers and what will occur in the future.