Aetna Med Supp Plan N Rate DECREASE in KY

Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company has received approval for a rate decrease on individual Medicare Supplement Plan N policies currently available in Kentucky, effective June 1, 2018.

View the new rate adjustments for Kentucky.

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Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance Med Supps Are Not Taking Rate Increase This Year

Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance Medicare Supplements are not taking a rate increase in OH, MI, PA, and NJ this ENTIRE year. What an opportunity to market in these areas!!

There are 5% higher commissions on Plan N in AL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, MI, MD, MT, NC, NE, NJ, OH, PA, SC, VA and WV

Check out to download the new Producer Guide, New Plan N rates, and Drug guide.


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GREAT NEWS: Aetna’s Medicare Supplement Plan N Commission Increase and Rate Decrease

Aetna will be increasing commissions on the qualifying Medicare Supplement premium for Plan N policies issued in AL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MI, MT, OH, SC, VA, and WV, effective March 19, 2018. The increase will apply for the first six policy years; with no change to the rate payable in policy year 7 and throughout the life of the policy. The new rate only applies to underwritten or open enrollment Plan N policies.

You can view and download a copy of your revised schedule of commissions here.

In addition, Aetna has received approval for rate adjustments on individual Medicare Supplement Plan N polices currently available in OHIO effective May 1, 2018. The rate adjustments percentage varies by age. Most of these adjustments are rate decreases.

View the new rate adjustments for Ohio.

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How Aetna Will Handle the Medicare Numbers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be replacing all members’ Medicare cards starting in April 2018.

They are replacing the cards based on a provision in the Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). MACRA section 501 requires CMS to remove Social Security numbers (SSN) from Medicare cards and to replace the use of SSNs with new, randomly generated Medicare beneficiary identifiers, or MBIs by April 2019, to protect the individual’s identity.

Attached is a detailed document regarding how Aetna will be handling the new Medicare numbers and what will occur in the future. 

Marc’s Joins Aetna’s Preferred Pharmacy Network

Marc’s has been added as a preferred pharmacy for Aetna and Coventry MAPD and PDP plans.

Preferred pharmacies provide prescription drugs at the lowest copays/coinsurance. This means your clients may pay less for certain drugs when they fill their prescription at preferred pharmacies like Marc’s.

Contact your Cornerstone representative for more details.

Aetna and Coventry MA/MAPD Clients Can Save on Diabetic Testing Supplies

Aetna and Coventry MA/MAPD clients have access to OneTouch meters and test strips at $0 cost share from LifeScan. Additional supplies, like lancets, lancing devices, and solutions, are available for $0 cost share.

Click here to download the flyer.

Aetna and Coventry’s SilverSneaker Fitness Benefit

Aetna and Coventry MA/MAPD clients have a no-cost membership to participate in SilverSneakers fitness facilities:

  • Once enrolled, members just need their SilverSneakers ID number.
    • If this is their first time with a plan that has SilverSneakers, they’ll get their SilverSneakers ID number in the mail.
    • If members previously had a plan with SilverSneakers (regardless of the health plan), their SilverSneakers ID number remains the same. Members can look up their number by calling SilverSneakers or visiting com.
  • Find participating fitness locations at com.

Aetna and Coventry to Cover Shingles Vaccine

Starting February 1, Aetna and Coventry MAPD and PDP plans will cover the Shingrix shingles vaccine as a Tier 3 medication.

This medication is recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for healthy adults aged 50  years or older, as well as adults who previously received the current shingles vaccine (Zostavax) to prevent shingles and related complications. There is no change in coverage for the Zostavax vaccine.

For more information, click here.

2018 $50 Aetna Funding Advantage Broker Bonus

Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) broker bonus for small groups sold from February 1, 2018 through January 1, 2019 effective dates. Earn $50 per employee! Click here for more information.

Aetna Releases New Deadlines for Case Submissions

New deadlines for case submissions effective February 1

Sales notification/CIR for electronic case submissions are due by the 22nd of the month with complete electronic case submission by the 27th of the month prior to the requested effective date. This applies to Small Group AFA new business and current customers moving to AFA at renewal.