Medical Mutual Requests Count for Total Number of Employees

Per the requirements laid out by CMS, Medical Mutual is requesting that all group health plan officials with 150 or fewer members report their total number of employees to help ensure Medicare accurately coordinates benefits and property pays claims. The total count should include full and part-time employees in each location, but does not include the total number of dependents under the plan.

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Letter from Medical Mutual

Medical Mutual Broker Update — May 3, 2017

Medical Mutual Now One of Express Script’s Top Five Health Plan Customers

Medical Mutual’s pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), Express Scripts, will lose Anthem business at the end of the current contract in 2019. Medical Mutual does not anticipate that this change will negatively effect their business with Express Scripts, noting that, due to Anthem’s departure, Medical Mutual is now one of Express Script’s top five health plan customers.

Medical Mutual’s contract with Express Scripts will run through 2020 and their pharmacy and finance departments will conduct a market check to be sure that their rates remain competitive.


Medical Mutual Broker Update — May 3, 2017

Express Scripts Plunges After Losing Biggest Client Anthem

Medical Mutual to Offer Extended Rates for Transitional (Grandmothered) Groups

On March 23rd, the Ohio Department of Insurance announced the transitional relief extension, which is designed to allow all transitional/grandmothered plans to remain effective through December 31, 2018. In response, Medical Mutual will allow all existing individual and small group (1–50) transitional plans to maintain that status through December 31, 2018.

There will be no change for groups that renewed in October through December 2016.

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Medical Mutual to Implement Drug Surveillance Program on July 1st

To combat a noticeable trend in increased pricing of existing brand and specialty drugs by pharmaceutical manufactures this past year, Medical Mutual is implementing a new Drug Surveillance program, beginning July 1, 2017. The program will be for all groups and members with MMO’s prescription drug benefits. It is non-customizable by group, and the option to opt out of this drug management policy is not available. The program itself will be and enhanced version based on a standard Express Scripts offering.

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