UHC Will Now Process Tamiflu Coverage

In response to this year’s severe flu epidemic and the shortage of generic anti-flu medicine, UnitedHealthcare will process coverage for the brand version of the flu medicine, Tamiflu, as a single-source brand, effective immediately.

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UHC Adds Shingrix Vaccine To Preventive Benefits

UnitedHealthcare will include the Shingrix vaccine as a covered benefit for certain customers beginning April 1, 2018. This vaccine is available in network through most physicians’ offices, urgent care centers, and convenience care clinics.

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UnitedHealthcare Is Helping Its Members Lose Weight

UnitedHealthcare’s Real Appeal weight loss program is part of most of their fully insured health plans at no cost to the group or their employees. This program is available for UMR and UHC ASO self-funded groups as well.

The Real Appeal program is designed to help participants lose weight and prevent weight-related health conditions. Each member enrolled in the program will receive one year with a personalized transformation coach who can help customize the program to fit their needs. The program also includes weekly online group classes, interactive videos, and a Success Kit, which is full of healthy weight management tools including fitness guides, recipe books, weight scale, and more.

Last fall, UHC celebrated the success of their 100,000+ participants that have collectively reached a new milestone of one million pounds lost:

  • 82% of the participants lost weight
  • 38% had 5% or more weight loss
  • 10 pounds on average were lost per person

Click here to read the full whitepaper that details the medical cost savings observed from Real Appeal.


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Anthem Reduces the Paper Trail With Electronic ID Cards

Small group and individual Anthem members enrolled in ACA plans now have the option to choose electronic ID cards without receiving an additional hard copy. Members can view their electronic ID card on the Anthem Anywhere mobile app, even without internet connection. The electronic ID card adds the convenience of emailing or faxing a copy of the ID to a provider.

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Source: Electronic ID cards go anywhere with members

Lock In Your Customers’ Dental Rates with UHC

Help your customers get a 5 percent second-year rate cap when they add a dental plan from UnitedHealthcare by July 31, 2018.

The guidelines:

  • Effective dates are March 1, 2018–July 31, 2018.
  • Group size 2–100 eligible lives.
  • Offer not available to groups situs in RI, WI, WA, FL (2-50), ACEC groups.


UHC is Taking Steps to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

National opioid trends indicate that 4.5 million Americans have a substance use disorder with prescription painkillers. The economic impact of the opioid epidemic is staggering, with $55 billion in health and social costs related to prescription opioid abuse each year, and $20 billion in the emergency department and inpatient care for opioid overdose. Since 1999, the rate of overdose deaths involving opioids has nearly quadrupled, and over 165,000 people have died from prescription opioid overdoses.

For more than a decade, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has been investing in multidimensional programs to help reduce the abuse of opioids while providing patients with both temporary and chronic pain access to safe and effective treatment—including non-opioid options. A number of programs and policies are in place to help prevent the misuse of opioids, and provide quick and appropriate access to opioid addiction treatment.

UHC has released a quick reference guide for Opioid Overutilization Prevention and Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Programs. Learn more about what UHC is doing to combat this epidemic.

UHC’s efforts have made a tangible impact on helping reduce the potential over-prescribing and overlap of opioid treatments. In 2015 alone, a 93 percent success rate was achieved with the company’s Retrospective Narcotic Overutilization program, but UHC’s work is far from done.

Resources continue to be invested in programs aimed at both the prevention and treatment of opioid addiction, taking into account the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. By connecting physicians, pharmacists, drug manufacturers, government, health plans, consumers, and customers, UHC strives to build a modern, high-performing, simpler, health care system that works better.

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Collaborate to Offer Health Care Services

On January 30, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan announced their decision to form an independent health care company for their employees in the United States, hoping to offer more transparency and lower costs.

As a result of the news, many health care stocks, including Express Scripts Holding Co. and CVS Health Corp., in early trading.

“Hard as it might be, reducing health care’s burden on the economy while improving outcomes for employees and their families would be worth the effort,” Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said in the statement. “Success is going to require talented experts, a beginner’s mind, and a long-term orientation.”

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said its possible that the initiative expands beyond the three companies in the future. “Our goal is to create solutions that benefit our U.S. employees, their families and, potentially, all Americans,” he said.



Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan team up on health care

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Team Up to Try to Disrupt Health Care

Medical Mutual Releasing Survey to Members

To meet requirements for the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), Medical Mutual is sending out a survey via email to 3,000 members beginning January 29. The survey is designed to assess members’ understanding of their benefits.

The survey will be sent only to policyholders age 18 and older. Recipients will be randomly chosen from two groups of active members – 1,500 who became members between July 1, 2017, and September 1, 2017, and 1,500 who became members before July 1, 2016. Medicare Advantage members and Medicare Supplement members will not receive the survey.

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FDA Approves Gene Therapy to Treat Rare Form of Blindness

In December of 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the new gene therapy, Luxturna (voretigene neparvovec) (see December 5, 2017 Broker Update). Luxturna, expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018, is meant to treat a rare form of blindness called biallelic RPE65 mutation-associated retinal dystrophy, which is estimated to affect 1,000 to 3,000 total patients in the U.S.

Cincinnati Eye Institute is currently the only facility in Ohio that has been certified to administer Luxturna. Medical Mutual is in the process of contracting with this facility.

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2018 $50 Aetna Funding Advantage Broker Bonus

Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) broker bonus for small groups sold from February 1, 2018 through January 1, 2019 effective dates. Earn $50 per employee! Click here for more information.