NEW! Special National General Bonus Program


Qualifying Period is July 1 thru October 31, 2018

Bonus Contest: Production Volume

Sell: 4 Short Terms and 1 Supplemental Product = $50

Sell: 8 Short Terms and 2 Supplemental Products = $125

Sell: 16 Short Terms and 4 Supplemental Products = $200

Bonus Contest: Bi-Monthly 2018 Top Producers

Top Application Producer in July & August, 2018 = $500

Top Application Producer in September & October, 2018 = $500

Top 2018 Production July 1 – October 31, 2018 = $1,000

National General made it onto the 100 Fastest Growing Companies list from Fortune. Talk to your Cornerstone Individual Rep Geoff Beglen about how contracting with National General can help you begin to grow your business.

Benefits of selling National General:

  • Large, national network
  • Great products
  • Very competitive rates
  • Easy to quote
  • Easy to sell!
  • High commissions.
  • Enroll a client for 4 consecutive STM plans for a longer coverage period*

*Federal regulation allows for plan durations of less than 3 months


Qualifying Period: July 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018
Which Cases Qualify: Approved policies that are paid for (Funded) and accepted. Applications for all our products count but do not include the Association Membership, or cases that cancel, or are unpaid, or cancelled in the 10-day Free Look Period. Multiple Short Term Policy Packages, including one, two, three, or four 90-day policy packages count as one application. All supplemental product sales are eligible. Submitted applications are counted based on submission date.
Payable: Approximately 10 days from the end of each month.


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CMS Releases Exchanges Trends Report

CMS recently released a report outlining the current condition of the operational and programmatic
aspects of the Exchanges.

Key Highlights:

  • For plan year 2018, 49,100 agents and brokers registered with Federal platform Exchanges, supporting 42 percent of overall enrollments.
  • The cost breakdown for registration/training, technical assistance, and oversight is $2.40 per enrollee.
  • The biggest concerns for agents and brokers are lack of competition in the individual market and availability of commissions from insurance carriers.
  • To date, CMS has implemented 93 percent of recommendations from our agent and broker partners

Click here to view the full Trend Report from CMS.

Register Today for Golden Rule’s Cash Infusion Bonus Incentive!

Earn more with Golden Rule’s double bonus incentive that rewards you for Health ProtectorGuard (HPG) and short-term medical (STM) eligible plans submitted between July 1 to October 31, 2018, and issued by Nov. 15, 2018.

(*$80 for HPG Choice Value Plans)

(Or $25 for every short-term Application)

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Upcoming Marketplace Learning Management System Closure

The Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) will be closed starting July 18 at 6:00 PM ET until training for plan year 2019 goes live.

Before this “go-dark” period begins on July 18 at 6:00 PM ET, you should:

  • Check that your MLMS profile is up-to-date.
  • Print your Registration Completion Certificate(s) to document your plan year 2018 registration for the Individual and/or Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace.

Certificates showing you have completed plan year 2018 registration and training will not be available after the MLMS closes.

To print your plan year 2018 Registration Completion Certificate(s), follow these three steps:

  1. Log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal.
  2. On the “My Status” page, the “Complete Agent Broker Training” entry will show “Complete” in the “Status” column if you have completed training.

Select the “Print Certificate(s)” link and follow the prompts.

During the go-dark period, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will be preparing for plan year 2019 registration and training. Stay tuned for updates, or visit the Resources for Agents and Brokers webpage.


Contact your Cornerstone representative with any questions.



Take Note: Upcoming MLMS Closure

Oscar Health Pharmacy Update

As of May 1, CA and OH Oscar Health members who currently get 90-day prescription refills at non-CVS pharmacies will no longer be able to refill their 90-day prescriptions there. If they want to continue getting 90-day prescriptions, they will need to refill at a CVS pharmacy. Members can continue to refill their prescription at their current pharmacy, but only for 30-day refills.

CE AVAILABLE: Join Cornerstone for Carrier Product Training Sessions in Toledo!

Join Cornerstone Senior Marketing in July for carrier product training sessions in our Toledo office with Allwell and Dental Care Plus.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Allwell Product Training

DATE: Thursday, July 5

TIME: 10:00 am–12:00 pm

LOCATION: Cornerstone Toledo Office

5555 Airport Highway, Suite 142 | Toledo, OH 43614

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Dental Care Plus “Dental 201” Training*

*Earn 1 hour of CE credit at the DCP training!

DATE: Tuesday, July 10

TIME: 10:00 am–11:30 am

LOCATION: Cornerstone Toledo Office

5555 Airport Highway, Suite 142 | Toledo, OH 43614

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Not appointed with Allwell or Dental Care Plus? Contact your Cornerstone representative to get started.

Anthem’s GeoBlue Training Event in Worthington, OH | Register Now!

Join Anthem’s GeoBlue and Cornerstone for an in-person training to learn more about GeoBlue products, additional travel benefits and where this plan fits for your clients!

DATE: Wednesday, May 30

TIME: 1:30pm – 2:30pm

LOCATION: Anthem Office in Worthington Ohio

6740 North High Street | Worthington, OH 43085

GeoBlue offers 4 great plans that can fit your international traveler’s needs. These plans can help with short or long-term international travel and are available for under and over 65 clients! In addition, it can help groups with international employee travel and employee vacation benefits.

Watch this video and come learn more!

A few more reasons to sell GeoBlue plans…

  • This product is filed with DOI! Most travel policies are not filed with DOI and would not be covered by your E & O coverage.
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation benefits to the states. This is not covered as an emergency under your health plan. The average cost of medical evacuation to the states is about 25,000 to 100,000. Could be more for remote locations.
  • Plans that start at no deductible to large deductible at an affordable rate.
  • Turnaround time for the guaranteed issue products is immediate. Usually 72 hours for medically underwritten products.
  • GeoBlue concierge-level services will help 24/7 to find the closest hospital, arrange direct billing for international medical events and do medical monitoring.
  • Easy to use online tools for the members once enrolled. All claims are filed for you by approved hospital and doctors.


Not contracted with Anthem’s GeoBlue? Contact your Cornerstone Representative to get started today!

Client Referrals Just Got Easier!

NEW! Cornerstone’s Client Referral Forms are now online!

Electronic versions of the Individual and Medicare referral forms are now available—a new, time-saving feature from Cornerstone’s Agency Services Division!

Submit all of your Individual/Family and Medicare referrals directly with our simplified online client referral form, available on our website with 24/7 access!

For Medicare referrals, quickly access the client “Consent to Contact” form and use the upload feature to submit.

And that’s it! Cornerstone will take care of the rest!


Click here to access the online referral form.


TIP: Be sure to save the referral form page to your web favorites for quick access.

Our Agency Services Client Referral program is one of the most valuable benefits we offer to our broker partners.

Ask your Cornerstone representative about how you can get paid for your Individual, Medicare, and Employee Benefits referrals and never say “no” to a client or prospect again!

What’s Old is New Again: Recycling in the Individual Market

Luke Boemker

Luke Boemker | Director Enrollment Center/Business Development

The title of one of my favorite movies, Back to the Future, seems apropos when compared to today’s individual health insurance market. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) being anything but affordable, many consumers are looking for alternative options to cover themselves and their families. Monthly ACA insurance premiums can cost more than an average mortgage payment so other options have to rise up from the grave to give consumers access to “affordable” health insurance.

Before ACA, we had medical underwriting, we had prescreens, we had limited coverage for maternity, and we had waiting periods on pre-ex. These are many of the reasons the ACA was created—to eliminate screening questions that were seen as unfair to a consumer with medical conditions. Granted, pre-ACA coverage was not the best either, but it was a fraction of the cost of current ACA coverage. Pre-ACA, networks were also much more extensive, with the majority of options today consisting of very limited HMO or EPO choices.

On April 2, 2018, the great state of Iowa made national news in their attempt to create Individual association-style plan offerings. The Iowa Farm Bureau is looking to recreate coverage options that consumers had before the ACA. However, according to a recent Washington Post article, such plans “sponsored by a nonprofit agricultural organization…shall be deemed not to be insurance.” Rates and coverage options have not yet been approved, but it is difficult to believe that there will not be some limitations that will make these plans available only to those on the healthier end of the spectrum.

The Back to the Future opportunity is twofold. On one hand, short-term plans are beginning to resemble pre-ACA coverage. If the laws change and allow short-term back to a nearly annual, renewable contract, this market will explode for the young, invincible, and healthy population.

However, there are tradeoffs with coverage options. Most short-term plans have PPO networks, which are significantly larger than what can be found with ACA plans. On the flip side, the coverage on the short-term plans is not as extensive as one might find in the ACA. Benefits are not as rich from a copay or medication standpoint and short-term plans do not usually cover maternity, which can be an issue for younger families. Anyone with medical conditions or significant health care needs may not qualify for short-term plan offerings, while ACA plans are guarantee issue.

Let’s look at a couple illustrations that show sample price comparisons for 21, 43, and 64-year-old non-smokers with short-term versus ACA options, using Franklin County (Columbus, OH) as the test case. These are the lowest prices available in which the out-of-pocket costs are closely aligned.

  Short Term* ACA**
Age Premium
21 $      84.73 $      355.47
43 $     106.16 $      482.38
64 $     284.53 $    1,066.41
*$2500 Deductible, 20% Co-Insurance, $7500 MOOP
**$2400 Deductible, 20% Co-Insurance, $7350 MOOP

A 21-year-old “invincible” can purchase a middle-of-the-road short-term plan for less than their monthly cell phone bill. A similar plan offering in the ACA would compare more closely to their monthly rent or car payment. The ACA plans are averaging four times more costly than short-term coverage options in nearly all age ranges. When you annualize the premium savings for a 64-year-old consumer, you see savings of over $9,000. For those on a fixed or limited income, this is necessary money in their pocket.

When looking at sample family rates of 35, 33, 6, and 4 year olds, the price difference is even more dramatic. ACA rates, without a subsidy, are approaching, and possibly even exceeding, what a family of four would pay for their monthly mortgage and escrow payment. The rate is almost five times more expensive for ACA versus short term.

Short Term* ACA**
Ages Premium
35, 33, 6, 4 $    333.00 $        1,592.04
*$4000 Family Deductible, 20% Co-Insurance, $12,000 Family MOOP
**$4000 Family Deductible, 20% Co-Insurance, $14,700 Family MOOP

With all things being equal, it is difficult to pass up the significant monthly savings of $1,259 dollars for the family of four. Annualized savings amount to more than $15,000.

With short-term medical and association-style options potentially becoming en vogue again, one has to wonder what will become of the ACA. With many national carriers having exited the Marketplace in a majority of states, and many states with only one or two carrier options, it appears the death spiral for ACA is in full effect. Limited competition creates higher rates; higher rates drive the healthy population into alternative options. When the healthy leave the Marketplace, all that remains are those with medical conditions or those who are receiving a substantial subsidy that offsets the majority of their ACA premium.

Consumers will make health care decisions based on how it impacts them the most: their pocket book. If they can qualify medically and achieve premium savings like what is outlined in the above illustrations, more and more will flock to short-term or association-style options, like those being proposed in Iowa and potentially other states in the near future.

Like the late, great Yankee’s catcher Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like deja vu all over again.”

Questions about short-term plans? Contact your Cornerstone representative today to learn more.

Medical Mutual Changes How Commissions Are Accessed

Effective April 16, 2018, Medical Mutual commission statements will be accessible only through MyBrokerLink and will no longer require a separate registration or log-in. The first commission statements available on MyBrokerLink will be for the March 2018 commission payment.

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