UnitedHealthcare’s First Look at 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans!

UHC Medicare Solutions

UnitedHealthcare has released their Medicare Advantage plans for 2019. Don’t miss your chance for a first look at their plan benefits!

Click here for a first look.

*Please ask for a specific state(s) when requesting your first look

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Check Out Allwell’s Current 2018 D-SNP Network

Attention: NW Ohio Agents!

While Allwell waits for 2019 First Looks to rollout, check out their current 2018 D-SNP Network!

  • Promedica — Fostoria Community Hospital, Flower Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Toledo Hospital, Bay Park Community Hospital, Defiance Regional Medical Center, Arrowhead Behavioral Hospital
  • Mercy — Anne Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, St. Rita’s Medical Center, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Defiance Regional Medical Center
  • And More — University of Toledo Medical Center, St. Luke’s Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, H.B. MaGruder Hospital, Regency Hospital of Toledo Lima Memorial, Firelands Regional, Wood County Hospital, and Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers.

Get ahead of the game with Allwell’s Innovative Enrollment Capabilities

  • Eligibility lookups
  • Value-Based Enrollments (HRA)
    • Sales agents will receive a $50 administration fee that is distinctly separate from the sales commission and associated CMS commission guidelines when they perform a Value-Based Enrollment using the Ascend Enrollment technology.

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CMS to Suspend ACA Risk-Adjustment Payments

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that a months-old federal court ruling will force it to suspend risk-adjustment payments, worth about $10.4 billion for 2017. These payments are meant to help balance the insurance markets when some insurers had to take on sicker, more costly patients.


For more information, click here.

WellCare’s First Look is Available!

WellCare’s 2019 first look is available to view their MAPD plan benefits in Kentucky! To view other states available please click here for the full PDF.


Click here to view MAPD plan benefits in KY.

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare Producer Certification is Here!

2019 Aetna Individual Medicare producer certification begins July 11 2018!

Aetna’s 2019 producer certification process for Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD & PDP) kicks off on July 11. Aetna’s certification includes AHIP, plus several Aetna-specific training modules, and costs $125. That’s $50 off the retail price for AHIP. So mark your calendars and plan to certify with us, starting, July 11, at AetnaMedicareProducerCertification.com. Remember, certification is one of the annual requirements you must complete to sell our 2019 plans this Annual Election Period.

Get Started On Your SilverScript 2019 Annual Certification!

SilverscriptThe first two courses of the 2019 SilverScript Agent Certification curriculum (Medicare Overview and Compliance) are now available via the Portal’s, www.silverscriptagentportal.comI want to…” section of the Toolbar, PDFs of the courses are available via the Portal’s Resources, Reference Materials section.

You can view these PDFs while taking the course quizzes. This provides for a very helpful “open book” test. If you have completed the 2019 AHIP, Pinpoint, or Gorman certification curriculum, we will give you credit for completing the SilverScript Medicare Overview and Compliance courses. Instructions on how to have the credit applied is on the Portal’s Training & Certification page.

The SilverScript product-specific course will be available shortly after CMS approves their 2019 plan designs. Remember to log back into the SilverScript Agent Portal in or after early-August to complete the balance of the SilverScript annual certification curriculum. If CourseMill presents you with a log in screen, then you may need to add [*.]enrollmentportals.com to use tracking cookies in your browser. You may then need to clear your cache, and then possibly cookies and history.

You must complete the 2019 annual certification requirements prior to December 7, 2018 (the last day of AEP), in order to be eligible for 2019 renewal commission.

Medical Mutual 2019 MAPD Certification Opens July 11, 2018

The Title 18 Attestation is required. All other modules are also mandatory and allow 5 attempts. A passing grade of 90% is required.

New for 2019: each module includes downloadable slides. We have also incorporated the sales presentation videos into the Sales Events Training modules. There are two 12 minute videos. You must remain on the first slide of each video for 1 minute. It will then allow you to proceed without watching the entire video. These videos are posted in MyBrokerLink for future reference/use.

Certification completed beginning July 11th will allow you to sell for the remainder of 2018 as well as 2019.

Watch for dates and times of product roll-out meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact your Cornerstone representative or Medical Mutual Account Manager.

Aetna is Expanding in Ohio for 2019

Aetna Medicare is expanding to the following Ohio counties in 2019:


Subject to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approval. Confidential and proprietary. For agent use only. Do not distribute.

Contact your Cornerstone representative with any questions.

The HealthPlan 2019 Medicare Product Training and Certification is Now Available Online

You will soon receive an email with the training and testing link to complete your 2019 HealthPlan certification. In the meantime, please forward your 2019 AHIP/Gorman CMS compliant General Medicare Rules and Regulations certification to brokerrelations@healthplan.org.

As a reminder, below is the contact information in case you experience any technical difficulties while completing this training:
Certification (training and testing) System Issues
The Health Plan Help Desk
740-695-7610 or 1-877-903-7501

Trump Administration Releases 5-Part Plan for Medicare Part D

With concern over the rising costs of prescription drug costs, the Trump Administration’s FY2019 budget proposal includes a proposed 5-part plan that would change several features of the Part D drug benefit.

The following proposals are part of the Administration’s 5-part plan for Part D:

  1. Share rebates with Part D enrollees
  2. Change the calculation of “TrOOP”
  3. Add an out-of-pocket limit to Part D and change reinsurance
  4. Relax Part D formulary standards
  5. Eliminate cost sharing for generics for low-income enrollees

Click the link below for more information, or contact your Cornerstone representative today.


What’s in the Administration’s 5-Part Plan for Medicare Part D and What Would it Mean for Beneficiaries and Program Savings?