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Taxing Employer-Funded Health Insurance Would be a Disaster

Click here to read more about the intent of legislators and policymakers to end the “employer exclusion.”

Cornerstone & Aetna’s 2018 Product Rollout Meetings | Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo

Take advantage of these in-person meetings to learn the plan benefits of what Aetna is introducing for 2018!

Options for the Smallest Employers

Cornerstone agents will have access to a grid of key questions on the Broker Centric website that answers these critical questions across multiple carriers and their product lines. Contact your Cornerstone representative for questions.

FormFire Quoting for 4th Quarter in Northern Ohio

Cornerstone has confirmed FormFire’s quoting engine accuracy to generate fourth quarter quotes.

SilverScript’s First Look at 2018 Plan Benefits

SilverScript’s 2018 plan benefits are now available! Click to get a first look at their plan details.

Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

You can report Fraud, Waste and Abuse to Cornerstone’s Compliance Officer (Danny Bradford) at 513-629-9320 or email

Cornerstone & Medical Mutual of Ohio’s 2018 MAPD Roadshow Training Sessions

Join Cornerstone and MMO’s deep dive sessions into their 2018 MAPD products with $0 benefit options that meet the needs of Ohioans in 80 of the 88 counties in Ohio!

INTRODUCING: The Cornerstone Connection Biannual Newsletter

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OAHU Task Force: 1332 Waiver

Due to the dramatic changes and limitations in the individual and small group markets, the Ohio Department of Insurance has filed for a 1332 waiver.

LIVE EVENT: Toledo 2018 Product Rollout Meetings

Don’t miss these informative training sessions with Cornerstone!