Broker Update- Medical Mutual

Medical Mutual released an update that includes two important notices concerning their group clientele:

1. Medical Mutual identified a handful of small groups that may not have received updated Certificate Books when benefit changes were made at renewal time. New Books are being mailed to the affected by the end of June.

2. Effective May 15th, 2017 Riverhills Neurology Group will be back in Medical Mutual’s SuperMed and Medicare Advantage Network.



Medical Mutual Broker Update


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CMS MLMS Enhancements Webinar

CMS presented a webinar discussing 2018 Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) Enhancements for agents and brokers.

The presentation is available on REGTAP under the Agent Broker Library.

CMS will present this information in another training session on July 19, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Please log on to to register for this event.

2017 NW Ohio CE Training — Lima/Toledo

WHERE*: Lima: 3745 Shawnee Road, Suite 104, Lima, OH 45806
Toledo: 4444 Keystone Drive, Suite F, Maumee, OH 43537

*Location may change based on response/need for space
*Please RSVP to Jenni Henry ( no later than 2 weeks prior to event to reserve your place.

WHAT: FOUR (4) hours of CE available each day with product updates and training from our carrier representatives. There is a 15-minute break between each speaker so you can check emails/phone calls.

PLEASE NOTE: The first and last CE of the day is a repeat from the prior CE Day in MAY. You may come for just the sessions you need.

What Is SSNRI And What Changes Will It Create?

By Paul McMillen | National Director, Medicare/Individual

One of the lesser known provisions of the 2015 “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization” (MACRA as it is known) that you might not be familiar with yet is something called Social Security Number removal initiative (SSNRI). This initiative, which Congress put aside $320 million dollars over five years to fund, is being driven by Health and Human Services (which includes CMS). This change is being made to help reduce identity theft among social security beneficiaries. Starting in April of 2018, CMS will start issuing new Medicare cards to current beneficiaries that will include Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBI)—yet another acronym for us to learn. The goal is to give all current, active Medicare beneficiaries their new MBI by the end of December of 2019.

Medicare currently processes more than one billion claims a year from roughly 1.5 million health care providers.

As you can imagine, this new MBI will affect how many entities conduct their business on a day-to-day basis. Doctor offices, hospitals, insurance carriers, pharmacies, state Medicaid offices, and health insurance brokers like you are only a few. This change may require many of the above mentioned businesses to go through software upgrades and potential system changes to prepare for the new identifier. It is easy to assume that there will be some temporary delays and growing pains in exchange for the long-term benefit.

Since this new MBI will eventually be the only identifier used by insurance carriers to divulge information to brokers, you might want to consider adding an MBI column to your current client databases going forward. When you currently call an insurance carrier, one of the first pieces of information they ask you for is your clients Medicare or HICN number. That number is now going to be changing! The new MBI will be an 11-character identifier unlike the 10-character HICN number that was used in the past. Here is a link to what the new MBI format will be using to create the 11-character identifiers. These MBI’s will not only be issued for the roughly 60 million active Medicare beneficiaries, but eventually for the 90 million deceased beneficiaries as well. CMS has promised a lot of outreach and education is to follow regarding the implementation of SSNRI, so please stay tuned.

Contact Cornerstone today with any questions regarding SSNRI.

Anthem to Pay $115M Settlement Over Data Breach

Anthem has agreed to a $115 million settlement to resolve a cyber attack in 2015 that affected nearly 79 million people. Attorneys are calling this the largest data-breach settlement in history. $15 million from the proposed settlement will be used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the data breach. The proposed plan also requires Anthem to spend an undisclosed amount to protect the information of its current and former customers for the next three years.

The data breach compromised the names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, medical IDs, street and email addresses, and employee data of current and former customers and employees of Anthem.

Cyber attacks can happen to anybody at any time. Have you talked to Cornerstone about offering your customers LifeLock? Reach out to your Cornerstone representative today for more information.


Anthem agrees to $115M settlement over data breach

Training in Cleveland: Federal Benefits for Veterans

Join Cornerstone and the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Administrative Officer, Connie Duensing, for a training event in Cleveland to learn about the VA Healthcare System!

Register today to attend an overview of the VA Healthcare System to better serve your clients.


Topics will include:

  • Enrollment and eligibility
  • VA & other health insurance — ACA/Medicare
  • VA Health Benefits Programs



DATE: July 18, 2017

TIME: 10:00 am–12:00 pm

LOCATION: Cornerstone’s Cleveland Office

4500 Rockside Road, Suite 330 | Independence, OH 44131

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Three Republican Senators to Vote to Block Health Care Bill

Republican senators Susan Collins (ME), Rand Paul (KY), and Dean Heller (NV) have made the decision to vote against a key procedural step in Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to repeal Obamacare.

After the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted that the proposed healthcare bill would leave nearly 22 million people without health insurance in 2026, many Republican leaders have been questioning the advantages of pushing the bill forward. Collins said that the CBO analysis showed the bill “doesn’t fix” Obamacare’s problems.

With at least six Republican senators actively against the current plan, the bill does not seem to have the votes to pass this week.


Three GOP senators oppose health bill, enough to block it

Senate Health Bill in Peril as C.B.O. Predicts 22 Million More Uninsured

Medical Mutual Suit Against FrontPath Health Coalition

Medical Mutual released a special broker update today, stating that they have filed a lawsuit against FrontPath Health Coalition, a competitor, which they believe has violated Ohio ethics laws. Medical Mutual believes that these violations have kept them from winning government business in Northwest, Ohio. Due to discovered evidence of conflict of interest, Medical Mutual is asking that Ohio ethics be enforced and that FrontPath’s contracts be deemed illegal.


Medical Mutual Brings Suit against FrontPath Health Coalition 

The EEO-1 Reporting Requirements Are Changing

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is looking for race, gender, ethnicity, hour and wage disparities in the workplace. If they find them it could result in huge fines. In an effort to fight inequity in the workplace, the EEOC has updated the EEO-1 Reporting Requirements.

This year, the document has been expanded from two pages to eight pages and information will be collected from both the employer and the employee (In the past it was solely collected from the employer). Employers will report on wages using W2 information, while Employees will have to self-report their gender and ethnicity to make sure that information is as accurate as possible.

With an understanding that this new document might pose an influx of questions, the reporting deadline has now been moved from September 30, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

POSTPONED: Learn What UCT’s Dental, Vision, and Hearing Products Can Add to Your Portfolio | Come to Our Training Event on June 28th!


Join Cornerstone and UCT to discuss UCT’s NewGeneration Dental, Vision, & Hearing Insurance.

This plan is designed to help meet costs from reduced health benefits, complete loss of benefits, or price increases.

Plan Highlights:

**A UCT Dental, Vision, and Hearing policy could cover a pair of digital hearing aids for as low as $200 out-of-pocket.

  • Choose your own dentist or doctor—NO NETWORKS!
  • Deductible choices—$0 or $100 annually
  • Benefit choices: $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, or $2,500 every year
  • Ask about household discount
  • Ages 0–75 are eligible
  • Children’s policies available!
  • Simple application and fast issue


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DATE: June 28, 2017
TIME: 9:00 am–10:30 am
LOCATION: Cornerstone Cincinnati Media Center
2101 Florence Avenue | Cincinnati, OH 45206