Register for Aetna’s AFA Springboard Renewal Training

Ready to complete your Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) renewals or accept an AFA offer in Springboard Marketplace? Aetna’s short 30-minute training session provides an overview of everything you need to know from selecting a plan to kicking off enrollment. To attend one of these mini sessions, select a date/time below and complete the online registration form:

Monday, October 30, 2017 at 4:30pm EST Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 11:30am EST Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Friday, November 3, 2017 at 3:30pm EST
Monday, November 6, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Monday, November 13, 2017 at 12:30pm EST
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Monday, November 20, 2017 at 12:30pm EST Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 12:30pm EST


TransAmerica TransConnect Supplmental Medical Expense Insurance

If you’ve been searching for group GAP plans to cover deductible expenses, contact your Cornerstone representative about TransAmerica’s TransConnect Supplemental Medical Expense Insurance. Plans are fully customizable. They are a fully insured alternative to Health Reimbursement Arrangements.



Claims Express

Help with your out-of-pocket medical costs

Earn Cash with UnitedHealthcare’s Short Term Stacks Bonus Incentive

Earn $50 for every eligible UnitedHealthcare Short Term Medical application you write after you reach 20 applications.

Bonus is earned when a minimum of 20 eligible Short Term Medical applications are submitted between November 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018, and issued by February 15, 2018. Once minimum is met, bonus will be paid back to the first application. See contest rules below for complete details.

Register by November 30, 2017, to have all eligible business since November 1 count toward your bonus! You must be registered to be eligible. This is an unlimited bonus—the more business you write, the more cash you earn!

Check out your potential earnings:

25 apps
x $50 per app

50 apps
x $50 per app

= $2,500
100 apps
x $50 per app


Now is the time to reevaluate your clients’ coverage needs.
Earn some stacks of cash and increase your commissions at the same time by writing Short Term Medical for your clients!

* Short Term Medical plans are not minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
Check E-Store for product availability by state. Eligible Short Term products are available in the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN. KS, KY, LA, MI, MS, NC, NE, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, WV, WY.


  1. To be eligible to earn a bonus, you must be registered for the “Short Term Stacks” incentive. Registration prior to December 1, 2017 will have all business received November 1, 2017, and after, count toward the bonus. After December 1, 2017, only applications received on or after date of registration will be applied toward this incentive.
  2. Applications must be received from November 1, 2017, through January 31, 2018, and issued by February 15, 2018. Brokers must submit and have a minimum of 20 applications issued to be eligible. After 20 applications issued is reached, the contest will then pay back starting with the first application.
  3. Eligible products include issued UnitedHealthcare or UnitedHealthOne short term medical plans only. All other ancillary products, optional benefit riders, as well as the UnitedHealth Allies Discount Card do not count toward this bonus opportunity.
  4. Coverage must be in force with premium payment current at the time of contest payout to be included, or been in force for a minimum of 89 days. Short Term plans issued in the state of Missouri do not qualify. If coverage is terminated for any reason other than the natural expiration of the term length, the broker will be charged back for any difference if it alters the bonus amount paid.
  5. Bonus is paid as described above.
  6. Bonus follows the Assignment of Commission Form you have on file at the time the application is received, for each qualifying application.
  7. This bonus will be subject to a managing broker commission split, if applicable.
  8. One lump sum payment will be made at the conclusion of the contest (January 31, 2018, issued by February 15, 2018) per broker, based on his or her personal production. Final payment may be made up to 90 days after final issue date. Chargebacks from previous incentive (if applicable) may also occur at this time.
  9. Qualification is based on production as broker of record.
  10. Applications cannot be split between brokers.
  11. Any separate applications of family members for the same product type count as only one application for this contest.
  12. Golden Rule Insurance Company reserves the right to make final judgment on contest qualifiers. Coverage that is withdrawn or does not meet the terms listed in these rules will not count toward contest bonus.
  13. Any required disclosures to brokers’ clients are brokers’ sole responsibility.
  14. This contest is intended for the original recipient of this email only. NPN: 1877824
  15. Select Key and FMO contracted agencies may not be eligible.
  16. 1099s apply.

Anthem PPO Migration Updates

Some changes are being made to the premium rates and deductible for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO plans, impacting approximately 93,000 members across Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Anthem will notify members by mail of the PPO changes and will send them information about their plan options.

The anticipated PPO Migrations in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio will not impact the existing Agent of Record should a client contact Telesales or Anthem’s Field Sales Agents to discuss their plan options and decides to change to another Anthem plan.

Aetna Updates: SOA Submissions, Star Rating Information, and AOR Retention Policy

2018 Star Ratings Documents Now Available: Review with Beneficiaries

CMS requires you to review the 2018 star ratings document with beneficiaries when presenting Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare plans (MA/MAPD, PDP). It’s your responsibility to swap out the 2017 star ratings page, which appears on yellow paper, with the new 2018 star ratings document, by November 1.

Here’s how to get 2018 star ratings documents online:

  • Just go to com/brokersor
  • Scroll down and click “Find Plan Documents.”
  • Once there, use the dropdown menus to select a specific state, county and plan, and then download and print 2018 star ratings documents.

The 2018 star rating page will be included in any new enrollment kits you order as of October 25.


Medicare Agent of Record (AOR) Retention Policy

Aetna’s AOR retention policy helps ensure you earn commission for helping your existing clients change plans. Here’s how it works:

If a member calls Aetna telesales… 


Reminder About Scope of Appointment Forms

If using a paper Scope of Appointment (SOA) form, be sure to submit it with paper enrollment forms

Don’t forget to attach the paper SOA form to all signed paper enrollment forms. Please submit the completed SOA and  enrollment forms together within two calendar days of when you receive them from the beneficiary. Be sure to review all of the requirements for submitting 2018 SOA forms.

Federal Judge Rejects Democratic Bid to Block Ending CSRs

Recently, President Trump issued an executive order designed to draw people away from the ACA markets. That same day, the administration announced they would no longer make Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments to insurers.

On October 25, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria in San Francisco rejected a bid by Democratic state officials to temporarily block the White House from ending cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurers under the ACA. The goal of the coalition of 19 Democratic attorneys general was to force the federal government to make payments that would help insurance companies lower out-of-pocket costs for low-income policyholders.



Federal Judge Upholds Order to End Cost-Sharing Reduction Subsidies

Dental Care Plus Group Broker Bonus for Individual Product Sales

Dental Care Plus Group’s Broker Bonus Incentive is designed for brokers to earn additional cash during this AEP season. For every new individual product subscriber enrolled between October 1, 2017 and January 15, 2018 with an effective date of November 1, 2017 through February 1, 2018, you will receive $5 per subscriber. The more new subscribers you enroll, the more cash you will earn.

For more information, click here.


Contact your Cornerstone representative with any questions you may have.

2018 Medical Mutual of Ohio Med Supp Plan Rates

Good news!  The 2018 Medical Mutual of Ohio Medicare Supplement plan rates are now available on MyBrokerLink.

The current version of paper applications are still good for writing 2018 policies. The online enrollment is expected to be available next week.

Great News for Kentucky! Anthem Kentucky Medicare Supplement Bonus Program

The More You SELL the More You EARN During Anthem’s Medicare Supplement Sales Bonus Program!

Now YOU have a new opportunity to earn even more on EVERY Medicare Supplement Plan you SELL!

New, short-term incentives have just been announced for brokers who sell Anthem KY Medicare Supplement plans! Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to earn more when you sell Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans with 1/1/2018 effective dates!*

How Does it Work? 

  • If you sell 3-6 approved Medicare Supplement policies you’ll receive an additional $100 bonus per sale!
  • But if you sell 7 approved Medicare Supplement policies you’ll receive an additional $150 bonus per sale!


EXAMPLE:  If you sell 3 Medicare Supplement policies with a qualifying effective date (1/1/2018) you’ll earn a $300 bonus! (3x $100)  

But if you sell 7 Plan policies, you’ll earn $1,050! (7 x $150)

Program Rules:

  • All per sale bonus amounts are in addition to the standard broker compensation.
  • All per sale bonus amounts are earned for Medicare Supplement enrollments for that particular month only.

Your current and prospective clients can benefit from these money-saving options on every Anthem plan:

  • A 5% discount on each policy if there is more than one Medicare Supplement policy written in a household with a coverage date of June 1, 2010 or after.
  • Receive $2 off their monthly premium simply by enrolling in automatic electronic premium payments – a savings of $24 annually. Save $48 by paying their premium for the entire year.
  • There’s even greater savings for your clients when you help them combine discounts (based on eligibility).

While your clients are saving money, they can also stay healthy by taking advantage of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, which offers eligible Modernized Anthem Medicare Supplement members a Basic Membership with access to over 13,000 locations nationwide – at no extra cost!**

So don’t wait!  It’s time to take advantage of this limited time opportunity to make more money selling Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans!

* Incentive is limited to new enrollees only-and based upon approval of the policy. All incentives will be paid within ninety days of the end of the bonus period. Anthem reserves the right to make all rules and determinations regarding the bonus program, and may modify or eliminate the program at any time without notice.  For more detailed information on the bonus program, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

**SilverSneakers® is a value-added program. It is not insurance and not part of the Medicare Supplement insurance plans. It can be changed or withdrawn at any time.

IRS Adjusts PCOR Fee

The IRS released the adjusted applicable dollar amount for determining the Patient-Centered Outcomes Reasearch (PCOR) fee. The new fee amount is $2.39 and applies to plan years ending on or after October 1, 2017 and ending before October 1, 2018.

This fee is updated using the projected amount of HHS National Health Expenditures and is intended to fund research about patient outcomes and to improve the quality of health care in the U.S. It is due each year by July 31.

Click here to read more.