Anthem Electronic Member ID Cards

Anthem Small Group and Individual members now have the option to choose electronic ID cards only, rather than hard copies. This option will appear for plans renewed effective on or after January 1, 2018. The electronic ID will be available through Anthem’s online app, Anthem Anywhere.


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ACA ID card quick reference guide

ID Card Cheat Sheet

New Business Process 2018


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UHC Direct Debit Update For Group Sizes 1, 2, or 3

UnitedHealthcare’s Scheduled Direct Debit program deducts premium payments automatically from your clients’ bank account and helps then streamline their monthly invoice payment process and organize payment records. This program allows for predictable cash outflow and creates a consistent process for your clients’ premium payments.


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Medical Mutual Update: PNC HSA Account Transfers

Through an agreement with PNC Bank, Medical Mutual has paid $2.50 per member/per month administrative fee associated for all MMO groups and individuals with a PNC Bank health savings account (HSA). This fee will no longer be paid effective March 1, 2018. There will be no charge to transfer funds from the PNC HSA to MMO’s HSA.

Communications will be sent to market segments currently with a PNC HSA informing them of this change:

View Group letter.

View Individual Policyholder letter.

View Group member letter.

Talking Points for Addressing the Tax Bill and the Individual Mandate

Senate Republicans recently approved the repeal of Obamacare’s individual shared responsibility penalty as part of the 2017 reconciliation act. While the tax cut does not repeal the individual mandate itself, it zeros out both the dollar amount and percentage of income penalties imposed by the mandate.

The details of the repeal may be confusing for your clients, so we have put together a resource of talking points to simplify the repeal and what it means, sourced from a recent article from Health Affairs:

  • Both houses of Congress have now voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual shared responsibility penalty, effective for 2019, as part of the 2017 tax reconciliation act.
  • Individuals remain responsible for having insurance or paying the penalty for the 2017 filing season and for 2018.
  • The IRS announced it will reject electronic filings of 2017 tax returns that do not claim coverage or an exemption or include payment of the penalty.
  • Important:  the individual mandate was not repealed.  Section 5000A of the individual mandate provides the legal requirement for individuals to purchase minimum essential coverage even though the penalty for not doing so has been repealed.
  • Employers providing “minimum essential coverage” must still report info to the IRS for the covered individuals and provide evidence of coverage to the individual or be subject to penalties if they fail to report.
  • Provisions for individuals to apply for exemptions from the mandate (to exchanges or the IRS) are still in place but it’s unlikely that individuals will apply for exemptions after the penalty is repealed in 2019.
  • There are two employer mandate penalties that remain in place:
    • a penalty imposed on employers who fail to offer minimum essential coverage to full-time employees if any employee receives premium tax credits to enroll in coverage through an exchange, calculated on a per-employee basis for all full-time employees; and
    • a larger penalty imposed on employers who offer minimum essential coverage but fail to offer “minimum value” coverage, which applies to each full-time employee who in fact receives premium tax credits for exchange coverage.
  • Premium tax credits will continue to keep coverage affordable for consumers with incomes below 400 percent of the poverty level.
  • Coverage will continue to be available to all consumers regardless of preexisting conditions.
  • Premiums will not depend on health status, and a risk adjustment system will penalize insurers who attract primarily healthy enrollees.
  • The remaining eight titles of the ACA remain operative, including provisions closing the Medicare donut hole.


Read the full article from Health Affairs here.

Anthem To Decrease Paper Clutter With “Welcome” Communications

Anthem is working to decrease paper clutter with changes to their “Welcome” communications to the Large Group market in 2018. The company will also start converting eligible members to electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and legally required information. The goal with eliminating the paper trail and moving to digital is to ensure more timely and updated information.

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UnitedHealthcare Fixed Indemnity Plans Available

Fixed indemnity plans pay your clients fixed benefits when they receive an eligible medical service specified in their plan. These fixed benefits can help offset amounts your clients may have to pay out of pocket. There are a few reasons why a Fixed Indemnity plan may be the right fit for your clients:

  • Fixed indemnity plans help fill gaps in coverage. These plans can help your clients pay their out-of-pocket medical costs and supplement their major medical insurance.
  • Fixed indemnity is help for the expected and unexpected. Fixed Indemnity plans may cover things like doctor’s visits, prescriptions, outpatient services like labs and X-rays, hospital stays for illness and injury, and surgical procedures.
  • Fixed indemnity plans offer predictable fixed payments. Fixed indemnity plans pay a predetermined amount for certain health care services, regardless of the amount charged by the provider.
  • These plans are available all year long – no enrollment periods to contend with. Health ProtectorGuard is renewable up to age 65.


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ATTENTION OHIO BROKERS: Anthem’s Medicare Supplement Bonus Program for 2018!

Great News for Brokers in Ohio!

The more you sell, the more you earn with Anthem’s Medicare Supplement Sales Bonus Program!

Now YOU have a new opportunity to earn even more on EVERY Medicare Supplement Plan you SELL!

New, short-term incentives have just been announced for brokers who sell Anthem’s Medicare Supplement plans! Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to earn more when you sell Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans with 2/1/2018 effective dates!*


How Does it Work? 

  • If you sell 3 approved Medicare Supplement policies you’ll receive an additional $100 bonus per sale!
  • But if you sell 5 or more approved Medicare Supplement policies you’ll receive an additional $150 bonus per sale!

EXAMPLE:  If you sell 3 Medicare Supplement policy in a month with a qualifying effective date of 1/1/2018 you’ll earn a $300 bonus (3× $100)! But if you sell 5 plan policies, you’ll earn $750 (5× $150)!


Program Rules:

  • All per sale bonus amounts are in addition to the standard broker compensation.


Your current and prospective clients can benefit from these money-saving options on every Anthem plan:

  • A 5% discount on each policy if there is more than one Medicare Supplement policy written in a household with a coverage date of June 1,2010 or after.
  • Receive $2 off their monthly premium simply by enrolling in automatic electronic premium payments—a savings of $24 annually. Save $48 by paying their premium for the entire year.
  • There’s even greater savings for your clients when you help them combine discounts (based on eligibility).


While your clients are saving money, they can also stay healthy by taking advantage of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, which offers eligible Modernized Anthem Medicare Supplement members a Basic Membership with access to over 13,000 locations nationwide—at no extra cost!**

So don’t wait!  It’s time to take advantage of this limited time opportunity to make more money selling Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans!

Questions? Contact your Cornerstone representative today.

* Incentive is limited to new enrollees only-and based upon approval of the policy. All incentives will be paid within ninety days of the end of the bonus period. Anthem reserves the right to make all rules and determinations regarding the bonus program, and may modify or eliminate the program at any time without notice.  For more detailed information on the bonus program, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

**SilverSneakers is a value-added program. It is not insurance and not part of the Medicare Supplement insurance plans. It can be changed or withdrawn at any time.


Aetna: Small Group AFA Updates

New deadlines for case submissions effective February 1
Be sure to get your submissions in on time! Starting with February 1 effective dates, groups that submit their cases via paper must now do so by the 10th of the month, prior to the requested effective date. Sales notification/CIR for electronic case submissions are due by the 22nd of the month with complete electronic case submission by the 27th of the month prior to the requested effective date. This applies to Small Group AFA new business and current customers moving to AFA at renewal.


January 1, 2018 deadlines are coming up!
Remember, for January 1 effective dates, paper case submissions need to be in by December 20th and electronic case submissions need to be in by December 27th.  To avoid delays, make sure your submissions are complete and on time!

Aetna Instructions for Assisting Clients With Special Enrollment Period

CMS is providing a special enrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries affected by weather-related emergencies or major disasters. Aetna has released instructions for submitting enrollments for these beneficiaries.

Click here to read the instructions.

CMS Extends SEP For Individuals Affected By Hurricanes

CMS recently released a memo to announce that individuals affected by the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as the California wildfires, would have additional opportunities to join, drop, or switch Medicare health and prescription drug plans. These individuals will be eligible for an SEP through March 31, 2018.

Click here to view the full memo.