ATTENTION DAYTON BROKERS: BIG News on Allwell’s Dayton Network

Cornerstone is excited to announce Allwell has expanded their network in the Dayton area market! Allwell recently came to an agreement with Premier Health and will now offer both Premier and Kettering hospitals in their Medicare Advantage network.

Here are more reasons to add Allwell to your carrier portfolio:

  • Both Ohio State University (including The James Cancer Hospital) and University of Cincinnati are both in-network and Dayton residents will have access to both
  • Comprehensive dental (includes dentures)— $1,000 every year
  • Extremely competitive drug benefits and formulary
  • Hearing aid allowance— $1,500 every year (1 hearing aid)
  • OTC benefit of $70 per quarter
  • Silver and Fit Gym membership included
  • $0 premium HMO
  • $0 PCP copay
  • Brokers can earn an additional $50 administrative fee by completing a Value Based Enrollment (VBE)
  • Commissions paid weekly
  • Allwell/Centene is a Fortune 60 company and #4 on Fortune’s fastest up and coming companies list

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Are You Ahead of the Small Group Game?

Jennifer Agnello

Jennifer Agnello | President

More than ever, health insurance legislation has limited choices and flexibility when it comes to coverage offerings. What was seen as complicated ten years ago, seems simple today. If you are at all involved in the sales and/or service of small group insurance products, you have likely encountered MEWAs or been asked to advise on the pros and cons of such an arrangement.

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement, otherwise known as MEWA, is defined by ERISA as “an employee welfare benefit plan, or any other arrangement which is established or maintained for the purpose of offering or providing medical, surgical, or hospital care or benefits, or benefits in the event of sickness, accident, disability, death or unemployment, or vacation benefits, apprenticeship or other training programs, or day care centers, scholarship funds, or prepaid legal services to the employees of two or more employers (including one or more self-employed individuals), or to their beneficiaries.”

Historically, MEWAs were made up of related industry groups, associations, etc. and may now include chamber associations. Small employers combine to share in the overall claims risk of the established trust. For these small employers, grouping together may provide a means of purchasing employee health coverage that takes advantage of economies of scale. A group of small employers may be able to negotiate lower premiums and better coverage than what a small employer can negotiate on its own with today’s limited plan offerings.

Some highlights of a MEWA:

  • MEWAs are governed by trustees and by-laws.
    The board of trustees is responsible for oversight of the plan and compliance with all applicable Federal and State law.
  • Ohio’s Department of Insurance regularly monitors financial controls, pricing, reserve funding, plan compliance and governance and issues a Certificate of Authority to approved MEWAs.
  • MEWAs can be fully insured or self-funded. Self-funded MEWAs are more common, heavily regulated, and must maintain stop-loss insurance, which offers protection from large financial losses.
  • Claims administration and service agreements are routinely handled by an established insurer who may also provide network arrangements and services.
  • MEWAs are generally considered a single large ASO employer, which enables unrelated employers to participate in a single plan giving the trust “group purchasing power” for such ASO arrangements and stop-loss coverage.
  • This larger pool of business enables more stable renewal increases. Similarly to most self-funded programs, well-run MEWAs tend to perform below health care trends year over year.
  • MEWAs fall outside the community rating requirements of ACA and risk is medically underwritten, which enables employers to take advantage of preferred health factors.
  • Some MEWAs offer a composite rating.
  • Membership fees vary based on the relationship the MEWA has with a chamber, association or other entity. MEWA groups likely encounter additional employer and/or member level advantages of belonging to the MEWA, such as discounts on other services, etc.
  • MEWAs share a common renewal date and based on filings, may allow one life groups/sole proprietors to participate as long as they are set up according to guidelines established. Those that accept that segment size may not exceed more than 10 percent of their total risk from that “1 life” sector.
  • Considering the volatility in the individual health market, however, this option may prove especially beneficial for these sole proprietors.

This alternative self-funded solution may be a good fit for your small group clients. Cornerstone offers several MEWA options for your small groups. Call us today to see if you and/or your clients may be eligible.

CMS to Review Resources for Marketplace Agents and Brokers

On March 15, 2018, CMS will host a webinar that provides an overview of the Agents and Brokers Resources webpage, as well as a new search tool that facilitates finding the appropriate resources on that page. The webinar will review other online resources, like Help Desks, and Call Centers, that are available to Marketplace agents and brokers, and will cover best practices for troubleshooting technical issues.

To register for this webinar, please visit and register for “2018 Health Insurance Marketplace Updates for Agents and Brokers.”

DATE: Thursday March 15, 2018

TIME: 2:00 pm–3:00 pm ET

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Provider Search Changing for UHC D-SNP Plans

Beginning March 22, 2018, you will be able to search providers for most UHC Medicare plans on Rally, the same site that you use for most UHC Medicare plans.


  • More intuitive and simple experience and greater guidance in searches for care to meet specific health needs.
  • Clearer access to ancillary benefits providers.
  • Easier search capability to find providers with multiple specialist designations.
  • Information provided on facility accessibility.
  • Ability to create, print or email a customized directory.
  • Capability to view on a variety of devices: desktop, tablet or mobile.


See the links below for more information:

Rally Provider Search – Best Practices

Rally Provider Search – User Guide

Medical Mutual Offers Medicare Advantage Coverage Options

Medical MutualPremier Health Plan is exiting the market effective April 1, 2018, and Medical Mutual would like to remind brokers that they are able to offer their clients losing that coverage exceptional Medicare Advantage coverage options.

Why Medical Mutual may be a good fit for your clients:

  • Their provider network includes Kettering and Premier hospital systems, along with Greene Memorial, Springfield Regional, Upper Valley, and Atrium Medical Center
  • Competitive plan options available with their Region 1 Classic HMO plan, including a $0 monthly plan premium, $3 PCP copay and MOOP of $4,300
  • Ability to earn an additional $50 by encouraging your client to see their PCP in the first 90 days with MMO—applies to new and existing Medicare Advantage members
  • Guaranteed issue for Premier Medicare Advantage members for ALL of their competitively priced Medicare Supplement plan options, including Plan G
    • Medicare Supplement plans also include SilverSneakers and an increased commission schedule for 2018
  • Dedicated local service and support for brokers and members

Medical Mutual Coverage of Diabetes Testing Supplies

Medical Mutual will provide the seven essential diabetes testing supplies at no out-of-pocket cost to Medicare Advantage members actively participating in their Disease Management program for diabetes. The seven essential testing supplies available at no additional cost include a glucose meter, glucose strips, control solution, lancing device, lancets, pen needles, and syringes.

Register Today for Allwell’s D-SNP Training in Akron!

Cornerstone & Allwell present an in-person D-SNP training course on Thursday, March 15 in Akron! Come learn more about Allwell’s Dual Special Needs products and how to sell them throughout the year.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How to market D-SNP plans to your clients
  • Allwell’s Value-Based Enrollment program
  • Different selling tools to utilize

DATE: Thursday, March 15

TIME: 9:00 am–11:00 am

LOCATION: Allwell’s Akron Office

3700 Embassy Parkway Suite 200

Akron, OH 44333

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UHC Wellness Update: Apple Watch Is Joining UnitedHealthcare Motion!

UnitedHealthcare announced a program in which participants can obtain Apple Watch by meeting daily walking goals. The Apple Watch now integrates with UnitedHealthcare Motion.

To learn more about the program, access any of the available resources below:

UnitedHealthcare Helps People be More Active with Apple Watch

Step, stroll, or stride toward lower health care costs

Register Today for UHC D-SNP Training in Cleveland

Join Cornerstone and UnitedHealthcare at our Cleveland office as we host a training session on their Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNP) and how to continue to sell throughout the year!

Topics will include:

  • D-SNP product features
  • How to market D-SNP plans to your clients
  • Special tools to utilize

A free CE voucher is available to all attendees!

DATE: Wednesday, March 14

TIME: 10:00 am–12:00 pm

LOCATION: Cornerstone Cleveland Office

4500 Rockside Road Suite 330

Independence, OH 44131

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Medical Mutual March Updates: Commissions, Bonus Programs, And More!

Medical MutualMedical Mutual recently released a number of updates regarding commission statements, broker bonus programs, the Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB) 2018-10, and MedFlex HMO plans:

  • Effective April 16, 2018, commission statements will be accessible only through MyBrokerLink and will no longer require a separate registration or login.
  • Small Group (1-50) New Sales Bonus Program and Small Group Volume Bonus Program
  • In response to the IRS Internal Revenue Bulletin, members have until April 15, 2019, to correct an overage if the $6,900 limit for HSAs is exceeded in 2018.
  • The new MedFlex Network, a non-gatekeeper HMO designed to reduce the total cost of care and give members the freedom to choose their providers, has been available to large groups since January 1, 2018.

Click here to read full updates.