AGB: Your Digital Broker Suitcase

Your Client Info at the Click of a Button

The AGB Broker Portal is your one-stop shop for  managing your book of business through Cornerstone, from carrier and client information to commission schedules. If you have any questions about the platform and your access, please reach out to your broker advisor or the AGB Support team.

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Your AGB Guide

The AGB Broker Portal is your online access to all the resources that you will need to successfully run your business. This database system provides 24/7 access to your clients and policies with Cornerstone, as well as other useful resources, such as access to carrier forms and sites, marketing materials, commissions, Cornerstone news and events, and more.

It’s easy! Once appointed with Cornerstone, you will be provided with a username and password for the site. You can login at

Through your Broker Suitcase, you can access carrier forms, including commission schedules, enrollment materials, sales and marketing fliers, compliance materials, and our Cornerstone carrier grids and guides.

You will have access to policy information, such as effective and renewal dates and lines of coverage. In the future, more information, such as renewals and term notices, will also be available.

This site is secure and can only be accessed through a secure login. Each broker will be provided with their own login information. You will only have access to your policy information.

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