Grow your Business With The Standard’s Partnership Rewards Producer Bonus Program

The Standard

The Standard’s Partnership Rewards producer bonus program offers incentives for small business sales, as well as large cases, and rewards new and retained business. You can qualify for the program based on the total lines of coverage sold, as well as the level of premium, starting with a $25,000 minimum in new business and six lines of coverage. Or, for large cases, qualify with as few as three lines of coverage with total premium of $750,000 or more.

Note: Agility products will count towards the bonus!

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Group Employer Income Protection

Take a look at this product from The Standard. As a form of Long Term Disability Income for businesses, it enables the employer to protect against loss of income if key employees become disabled. A great solution for law, physician, or engineering firms where billable hours drive revenue.

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Employer Income Protection