WEBINAR: Hospital Indemnity Training Webinar

Board meeting in a modern officeRetain your clients and double your commissions with hospital indemnity plans.

Join Cornerstone for a webinar about hospital indemnity plans, how to sell them, and just how they’ll benefit your business!

Learn different strategies for offering and communicating plan options to your clients and maximize your health coverage portfolio today.

Training Agenda

HIP Product Overview

How to Sell HIP

Quoting HIP — Demonstration

HIP Value — Commission

Offer hospital indemnity plans as a single-packaged solution and find out how they can profit your business.


DATE: June 27, 2017

TIME: 9:00 am–10:00 am

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Looking Ahead: Anthem Reducing Individual Health Plan Offerings in 2018

A press release by Anthem confirms that in 2018, the company will no longer offer ACA compliant Individual health plans through the exchange and will reduce off-exchange plan offerings in Ohio. Health benefits for those members will end December 31, 2017. The only off-exchange plan that will still be offered will be Catastrophic health plan in Pike County only. Members will receive more detailed communications soon.

Members who receive their health insurance benefits through an employer, members on Grandfathered and Grandmothered Individual plans, and Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans will not be impacted by this decision. Likewise, Anthem’s plan offerings for dental, vision, and life benefits will not change.

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Anthem is Reducing its Individual Health Plan Offerings for 2018

WEBINAR: CMS Informational 2017 Market Stabilization Final Rule

JoinResponsive design mockup for online webdesign. On table top with different office items the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for an informational webinar regarding the 2017 Market Stabilization Final Rule, which will cover the policies associated with the final rule including:

  • guaranteed availability
  • Open Enrollment Period (OEP)
  • Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)
  • levels of coverage
  • network adequacy
  • essential community providers.


DATE: Thursday, June 15, 2017

TIME: 12:00 pm–1:00 pm EST

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Anthem: Medicare Plans Will Not be Impacted by 2018 Changes to Individual Plan Offerings

Anthem recently announced that they will stop offering individual policies in the Ohio marketplace in 2018.  In response, Anthem emphasized that Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans will not be impacted by these changes.

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Medicare Plans Are NOT Impacted by 2018 Changes to Ohio’s Individual ACA-Compliant Plan Offerings


Ohio Department of Insurance Anthem Fact Sheet

The following content has been published courtesy of the Ohio Department of Insurance. Source below.

Anthem Fact Sheet


  • In 2016, 17 companies sold health insurance on the federal exchange in Ohio.
  • In 2017, only 11 companies are selling health insurance on the federal exchange in Ohio.
  • In 2016, all 88 counties had at least four insurers selling exchange products.
  • In 2017, 20 counties only had one insurer selling health insurance on the exchange and 27 counties had just two.
  • In 2017, Anthem is the only insurer selling health insurance exchange products in all 88 counties and it is the only insurer in the 20 counties with just one insurer.
  • Based on preliminary filing submissions made to the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI), Anthem’s reductions across the state will leave at least 18 counties with no insurer in 2018.
    • Those 18 counties are; Coshocton, Crawford, Guernsey, Hancock, Harrison, Hocking, Holmes, Jackson, Knox, Lawrence, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Paulding, Perry, Van Wert, Vinton, Wyandot.
  • In Ohio, Anthem will continue to cover approximately 3.4 million people across many types of insurance including small group and large group plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is impacted?

Ohioans who bought health insurance from Anthem on the exchange will need to find another insurer for 2018, but they have coverage until December 31, 2017. Approximately 10,500 Ohioans in at least 18 counties, however, will have no health insurance options from the exchange in 2018. The Department is looking at options to solve this problem.

When will I be impacted by these changes?

Those in the counties where no insurer is planning to sell exchange plans will be impacted starting January 1, 2018.

I’m not on the exchange so how does this announcement impact me and my health insurance?

Those with health insurance through employer provided insurance, Medicare or Medicaid will not be impacted.

What is causing these changes to Ohio’s health insurance market?

Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Ohio had a very competitive health insurance market—many companies offered plans so prices were relatively lower compared to other states. New regulations from ACA have driven some companies out of Ohio and made it harder for them to do business, both of which have driven up the cost of health insurance in Ohio.

What is ODI doing to improve the current situation?

The best, long-term fix is to repeal the ACA and replace it with better regulations that both ensure high quality and help drive down costs with more competition. Until then, the Department will work to identify potential options that could help the approximately 10,500 Ohioans living in the counties that may not have an insurer selling exchange plans in 2018.

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Anthem Fact Sheet

Dental Care Plus Group Offers Live Customer Service

When clients, providers, and members call Dental Care Plus Group, they will be in direct contact with a live customer service representative. Between the hours of 8:00 am until 4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday, clients will encounter a live representative rather than a voice recording.

The company released their 2016 customer service stats:

  • Received 145,000+ calls throughout 2016.
  • Average speed of answer: 15 seconds.
  • DCPG’s call abandon rate was under one percent.



Dental Care Plus Group Broker Brush Up

Dental Care Plus Group 2016 Financial Highlights

Dental Care Plus Group’s President and CEO Anthony Cook released highlights from their 2016 financial year, including a nine percent increase in revenue and growing to more than 382,000 dental and vision plan members.

The company also included the following highlights in their release:

  • Securing a 94.8 percent group retention ratio.
  • Growing the PPO business in expansion markets by 16.5 percent.
  • Providing PPO members with access to dentists in all 50 states through networks that include more than 246,000 access points.
  • Being granted authority to conduct business in Illinois and Virginia.
  • Expanding the individual product offering to Indiana.


Dental Care Plus Group Broker Brush Up

Anthem to Exit the Individual Market in 2018

Anthem will stop offering individual policies in the Ohio marketplace in 2018. The company has not yet decided whether or not it will participate in other states’ exchanges.

Anthem’s decision is estimated to affect nearly 10,500 people, leaving about a fifth of the state’s counties without an ACA plan in 2018.


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Anthem to Pull Out of Ohio Exchange, Leaving 18 Counties With No ACA Plan

Anthem Will Exit Health Insurance Exchange in Ohio

2018 ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Affordability Percentage

The IRS recently announced the 2018 contribution percentages used to determine whether the coverage offered by an employer is affordable. Premium tax credit eligibility, and potential employer penalties, hinge on whether or not employer coverage is affordable.

For 2018, the premium tax credit affordability threshold will be 9.56 percent of household income. This percentage also applies to the employer shared responsibility safe harbors. This means that for 2018, employer-sponsored coverage will be deemed affordable if the required employee contribution for the lowest cost self-only coverage does not exceed 9.56 percent of the safe harbor amount. This is a decrease from the 2017 threshold of 9.69 percent.

For employers relying on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) safe harbor, the following chart illustrates the impact this reduction has on the maximum permissible employee monthly contribution:

Calendar Year Prior Year FPL Affordability % Maximum Monthly Contribution
2018 $12,060 9.56 $96.08
2017 $11,880 9.69 $95.93
2016 $11,770 9.66 $94.75

But with all of the talk of “repeal and replace,” who cares? Brokers and employers who remain focused on strategy.

While the industry anxiously waits to see what changes may be in store for health care reform, the ACA remains the law of the land. For many, pay or play decisions regarding ACA compliance has long been about strategy. While the change is relatively small for 2018 from 2017, employers that have not revisited their contribution strategy for a couple years may be able to increase the required employee contribution and still use a safe harbor. Brokers must continue to be a resource for strategic planning during unpredictable times.


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Anthem Network Addition: Aultman Hospital

Aultman Hospital and affiliated partners are now part of the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield network, effective May 15, 2017. This network addition includes Aultman hospital, providers, and ancillary services (e.g., home care, infusion, dialysis, DME, skilled nursing, hospice, rehab, and LTAC), and applies to all Anthem networks (Blue Access, Blue Preferred, Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO, and the Exchange (Pathway) HMO and PPO).

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