FormFire Quoting for 3rd Quarter in Northern Ohio

The Results Are In!

After some study and analysis, Cornerstone will begin using FormFire’s quoting engine to generate your quotes this week. Here are the advantages:

  • Quotes will be returned in Microsoft Excel format. You’ll only need to add your logo and the current/renewal plans OR you can copy/paste into an existing document.
  • A standard disclaimer is included on the quote. We recommend retaining it on what you share with the customer.
  • Streamlined to a smaller list of plans from Cornerstone’s “Quote Profile”. In our Profile, we pull the most popular and common plan design options from each carrier. Click here for the list of plans in the quote profile (you can always request specific plan options or all plans).
  • Results are 1% or better – see the table below:

Of course, if you still prefer actual quotes from the carrier, you can request those up front too.

We also recommend that you have a specific quote generated if you are going to recommend a plan or carrier change. (If you sell the case, we’ll need to run an actual quote as well to submit with sold case paperwork.)

How we validated the results:

  • We pulled quotes for each age band and each gender in each of the 7 rating areas covering northern Ohio.
  • We compared actual quotes with the same census files and zip codes as FormFire.
  • We discussed results outside the norm with FormFire who reached out to the carriers to ensure they had matched the quoting methodology as closely as possible. PLEASE NOTE: methodology is somewhat proprietary so exact matches are not possible, but if within 1-2%, FormFire considers the quotes accurate.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about this approach to handling your quotes. We believe this will be more efficient for you and your team!

Attached are contacts for offices your area:

  • Cleveland (click here)
  • Lima (click here)
  • Toledo (click here)

5 Skills Needed to Become a Visionary Leader in Today’s Complex World

Jennifer Agnello, President

Jennifer Agnello, President

Vi-sion-ar-y:  a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like

Lead-er:  the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country

Through my years at Cornerstone (20 to be exact), I have been honored  to work for a true example of what forward thinking, ingenuity, and a true visionary leader can bring to an organization. It is only in the last four years in my role as president that I have been able to study and refine my skills as a leader and prepare to take us into what has already begun to be an incredibly complicated, competitive, and challenging environment. I quickly realized that my passion is to “make things happen” by adding value to and improving the lives of the people working closest to me: our employees, our customers, and our business partners.

Leading a team in this hyper-compliant, ever-changing industry presents unique challenges, and leading through  impact is critical for the continued success of the company and the interests we represent. My advice for those of you entering the workforce as well as those of you who have come up through the ranks into a leadership role of any kind (manager, supervisor, director, vice president, or executive) would be to take into consideration the following qualities—all well within your reach:


  1. Be practiced in your field (emphasis on the term “practice”)

Leadership requires a very clear understanding of your industry (always a challenge  for us “health insurance folk”). Be sure to think about where the industry has been, where it is right now, and where it will be (or could be) in the future. Before you can solve a problem, you have to recognize the pain points wherever they hit home. Knowledge comes with practice and a desire to be perfect, and is at the core of every business’s vision.

Always be curious about what’s happening in the industry and be prepared to go to great lengths to gather information. Don’t be afraid to engage your team in this; they can be a terrific resource. This, in turn, will assist in making accurate observations about every aspect of business decision making and develop the company vision.

  1. Hire a team smarter than you

Leaders understand the need for a team to “fill in their gaps.” Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Study yours, study others’, and hire those that complement each other. Make sure your team understands their value and the effect their role has on the organization. This leads to a happy, loyal, enduring workforce that builds a very solid foundation for success.

  1. Invest time in cultivating relationships

You will quickly realize that you have limited time and resources to acquire the knowledge necessary to become an expert. Choose interactions wisely. Though it may be difficult to accept that you simply cannot know everything, you can gain access to knowledge through interpersonal relationships. All visionaries in the making should invest in and cultivate  relationships that offer balance—especially with people interested in the success of the organization. An outside point of view opens eyes to re-examine the we-have-always-done-it-that-way theory.

Visionary leaders possess in-depth knowledge about aspects of running a business.Networking with colleagues from both inside and outside the organization enables you to learn even more about how other organizations successfully manage their work.

Do not participate in relationships simply for future pay-off. Be genuine and give back to others—often.

Your network plays a critical role in getting you to the place you want to be. They will be the best return on your investment of time.

  1. Establish trust

Bring your authentic self to work. Quality work is born within a safe and trusting environment.  Be true to yourself and your team, and care for each individual and the company as a whole.  Your team will be more influenced by someone they trust. Set the example and lead by it.

  1. Challenge the status quo

Visionary leaders don’t give up on a finding a solution because it appears difficult to understand. Make it a habit to continually ask, “Why not?”  It helps to develop critical thinking skills for innovative solutions to solve problems that are characterized by unusual complexity.


Creating a vision for a business is challenging.  It takes a growth mindset and an in-depth understanding of the industry, along with clear communication to help others support the benefits of the corporate vision and strategy.  PRACTICE these skills and you will be well on your way to becoming the visionary leader your team desires.

Cornerstone aims to be the trusted partner in solving complex benefit challenges. For more information on our value-added services and how we can help you grow your business, be sure to contact us today.

Cornerstone Wins Top Workplace for Third Consecutive Year!

Cornerstone is taking it’s place on the list of Enquirer Media’s Top Workplaces of 2017 for the third consecutive year.
“All the credit goes to the exceptional Cornerstone team of A+ players,” says Cornerstone President Jennifer Agnello.



Top Workplaces: The best 55 small companies in the Cincinnati region

These are the best places to work in Greater Cincinnati

Cornerstone Broker Insurance Services Agency, Inc.

Cornerstone and The Dental Care Plus Group Present: Dental 101 and Vision 101

Cornerstone and The Dental Care Plus Group present:


Group of happy young business people in a meeting at office

DATE: July 6, 2017

TIME: 10:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.
(lunch will be provided afterwards)

PLACE: The Hampton Inn
986 E State St. | Athens, OH 45701



10:00-11:00 | Vision 101

11:00-11:15 | Break

11:10-12:00 | Dental 101
Lunch provided afterwards

Anthem Reviewing Participation in Obamacare for 2018

Joseph Swedish, CEO of Anthem, says the company is currently evaluating its participation in Obamacare next year because of the uncertainty surrounding the GOP’s repeal efforts, noting that the company may need to pull back in some markets. “We would prefer not to extract ourselves if we can get the math to work,” Swedish said during a health care conference.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding whether or not the Trump administration will continue Obamacare’s payments to insurers, known as cost-sharing reduction subsidies, insurers have threatened to raise premiums or pull out of markets if they don’t receive payments.



Anthem reviewing whether it will participate in ObamaCare next year

Anthem to Release New Employer Portal June 16

Anthem’s new employer portal, also known as EmployerAccess, will release on June 16 featuring many of the same functions as the old portal with a new design and updated technology.

Some highlights of the updated portal:

  • New self-registration flow
  • Enhanced Menu of Resources, including Client Information Insights reports
  • Enhanced Online Group Billing dashboard

Clients’ existing usernames and passwords will give them access to the portal on June 16. Users will be required to sign a new internet Group Usage Agreement and User Usage Agreement upon logging in.

Questions? Contact your Cornerstone representative today.



Coming Soon! Anthem is moving to a new and improved Employer Portal in June

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Group Employer Income Protection

Take a look at this product from The Standard. As a form of Long Term Disability Income for businesses, it enables the employer to protect against loss of income if key employees become disabled. A great solution for law, physician, or engineering firms where billable hours drive revenue.

Login to the Broker Centric Marketing Portfolio or contact your Cornerstone representative for more information about The Standard and its products.



Employer Income Protection

Aetna Training Session in Cleveland

Join Cornerstone for training on Aetna’s online tools that are available to help you build your business and prepare for AEP!

Training will cover the following topics:

  • Ascend
  • Broker Portal
  • What to get ready for!

DATE: June 15, 2017

TIME: 10:00–12:00 pm

LOCATION: Cornerstone’s Cleveland Office

4500 Rockside Road Suite 330 | Independence, OH 44131


WEBINAR: How to Sell Hospital Indemnity Plans

Training on Blue Puzzle on White Background.


Join Cornerstone for a webinar about hospital indemnity plans, how to sell them, and just how they’ll benefit your business!

Learn different strategies for offering and communicating plan options to your clients and maximize your health coverage portfolio today!

Training Agenda:

  1. HIP Product Overview
  2. How to Sell HIP
  3. Quoting HIP — Demonstration
  4. HIP Value — Commission

Offer hospital indemnity plans as a single-packaged solution and find out how they can profit your business.

DATE: Thursday, June 27, 2017

TIME: 9:00 – 10:00 am


Humana Electronic Enrollment Training in Cleveland



Join Cornerstone and Humana for a training session discussing electronic enrollment.

Training agenda:

  • The new Vantage website (Agent Portal)
  • How to submit business
  • Enrollment tool tips

DATE: June 6, 2017

TIME: 9:30–10:30 am

LOCATION: Cornerstone’s Cleveland Office

4500 Rockside Road, Suite 330 | Independence, OH 44131