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Join Cornerstone and UCT to discuss UCT’s NewGeneration Dental, Vision, & Hearing Insurance.

This plan is designed to help meet costs from reduced health benefits, complete loss of benefits, or price increases.

Plan Highlights:

**A UCT Dental, Vision, and Hearing policy could cover a pair of digital hearing aids for as low as $200 out-of-pocket.

  • Choose your own dentist or doctor—NO NETWORKS!
  • Deductible choices—$0 or $100 annually
  • Benefit choices: $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, or $2,500 every year
  • Ask about household discount
  • Ages 0–75 are eligible
  • Children’s policies available!
  • Simple application and fast issue


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DATE: June 28, 2017
TIME: 9:00 am–10:30 am
LOCATION: Cornerstone Cincinnati Media Center
2101 Florence Avenue | Cincinnati, OH 45206

Allwell 2018 Medicare Advantage Benefits Now Available

Cornerstone announces partnership with AllWell & Centene Corporation. Be among the first to review their 2018 Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits!

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Humana Will Not Return to the Individual Market in 2018

Humana Inc. will not make a return to the individual market in 2018—but not because of possible healthcare reform. The company’s CEO, Bruce D. Broussard, is quoted as saying, “This is just not a business that we will be good at,” noting that the company specializes in managing Medicare Advantage healthcare for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

“No matter what they do in Washington, we are not going to go back in. And we’ve had a lot of people ask us from Washington D.C. if we would go back in and we’ve said no, it’s not there,” he said.

Broussard also noted that for Humana to return to the market, it would be doing so under the expectation that the Justice Department would use the same parameters that it did under the Obama administration.


Humana out of individual market, with or without Obamacare repeal

How to Successfully Get Through a DOL Audit — Free Webinar from HR360

As a dedicated broker, we know how important ERISA compliance is to you and your clients. With more and more small and medium-size firms being audited by the DOL, we want you to have a vitally important “inside look” of what happens during an audit, and how to avoid common mistakes that will protect your clients.

Click on the link below to register for our free webinar.

DATE: July 12, 2017

TIME: 1:30 pm–2:30pm

PRESENTER: Lillian Shapiro, President of HR360

This special webinar, prepared by HR360’s staff of attorneys, will provide you with bottom line steps and tips to help your clients successfully navigate through a DOL audit, including:

  • What triggers an audit
  • Dos and don’ts for producing requested documents
  • Top tips for dealing with on-site interviews
  • How DOL audits are resolved

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Aetna Will Not Offer Individual Health Plans in Ohio for 2018

Aetna (including Coventry) will not offer individual health plans in Ohio in 2018 due to the uncertainty of the individual market.

Clients’ existing coverage in the affected states will continue until the policy ends on December 31, 2017.

Members will receive a letter July 1 detailing the changes to the plans:

  • The end date for their current plan—December 31, 2017
  • They cannot renew their current plan. There is nothing the member needs to do at this time.
  • More information will be provided to your clients prior to Open Enrollment.

Questions? Contact your Cornerstone representative for answers.


Important information about your clients

2017 GeoBlue Standard Rate Increase for Specified Health Plans

GeoBlue released the following standard rate adjustments as reflected in their online quoting tool:

Xplorer plans (Premier, Essential, and Select):

  • Member rates have a flat 7% rate increase across all deductibles and age bands
  • Maternity rates have a 7% increase
  • Optional Rx upgrade is also up 8%

Navigator plans (Crew, Missionary, and Student):

  • Flat 9% rate increase across all age bands

Child/Rider rates:

  • Child rates have increased 7% across all deductibles and age bands
  • Dental/Vision have a 5% increase
  • Optional RX have a 8% increase

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Anthem Revised 2017 Enrollment Applications Available

Anthem enrollment applications for Medicare Advantage/Prescription Drug (MAPD) with $0 premiums plans are missing language required by CMS. Necessary updates have been made to the enrollment applications and Anthem recommends ordering new kits through CustomPoint.

The company suggests going through the missing language with members that have been previously enrolled or those with whom you plan to meet if you believe they are subject to the income-related monthly adjustment.

Members do not have to sign a new enrollment form, but the newly revised forms should be used going forward.

Contact your Cornerstone representative with any questions.


2017 Enrollment Applications Missing Mandated Language

Medical Mutual Will Offer ACA Plans in 2018

In an update following Anthem’s retreat from the individual market, Medical Mutual sent out communications on Thursday assuring brokers that it will remain continue to offer ACA plans in Ohio for 2018. The company will be releasing information regarding 2018 products soon.

Questions? Contact your Cornerstone representative for details.



Special Broker Update: Medical Mutual is in for 2018 ACA

Cleveland Clinic | Oscar Health to Offer Individual Plans in Five NE Ohio Counties

The Cleveland Clinic will be joining New York-based Oscar Insurance Corp. in entering the individual insurance market later this year under Cleveland Clinic | Oscar Health. Coverage will be available in five Northeast Ohio counties: Cuyahoga, Lake, Medina, Lorain, and Summit.

The partnership will offer individual insurance during open enrollment in 2017 and will begin coverage beginning January 1, 2018. Individual plans will be available on and off the public exchange or directly through Oscar in any of the five counties.



Cleveland Clinic joint venture to offer individual insurance in five Northeast Ohio counties

Humana Will Not Offer Individual Major Medical Plans in 2018

Humana announced on Tuesday that it would no longer offer Individual Major Medical plans beginning January 1, 2018. Impacted members will receive notice in June 2017 about the changes and steps moving forward. Coverage for existing members making consistent monthly payments will continue through December 31, 2017.

This change does not impact other Humana products being offered such as individual dental, vision, employer group, or Medicare business.

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Member Notifications Regarding Humana Individual Major Medical Plans