FormFire E-Application

Eliminate the Paper Chase

FormFire is a secure one-stop shop for your benefit shopping experience. Its unique electronic application process means less paperwork and more accurate data transferred to the carrier.

As a Cornerstone broker partner, you get exclusive pricing!

Details and Pricing

Cornerstone offers FormFire at significant discounts for its agents who have at least 3 group medical carrier appointments or 2 group medical  carrier appointments with ancillary carrier appointments. Only one  license is needed per Agency (not per Agent). Cornerstone pricing is  based on our combined volume and, therefore, is subject to change based on volume of agents purchasing via our contract.

Agent Level

Full access to all available services

Cornerstone Pricing = $99 per month and $2.40 PEPY

Sub-Agent Level

Access to Anthem SOCA MEWA only (no other carriers permitted)

Cornerstone Pricing = $2.40 PEPY

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