HealthSherpa ACA Enrollment Platform

$0.00 = Your cost to participate (no, seriously…it’s free!)

This innovative healthcare technology is the country’s largest ACA agent enrollment platform. With HealthSherpa’s faster and easier alternative to, you’ll have the leading-edge technology you need to  maximize your Marketplace experience. HealthSherpa is also the only agent platform approved by CMS to offer EDE (Enhanced Direct Enrollment).

Benefits of Using HealthSherpa

  • Fast

    • No redirect to
    • No more waiting rooms
    • No more 3-way calls with CMS
    • Pre-populated renewal apps
  • Automated

    • Bulk email marketing
    • Branded enrollment site for your self-serve clients
  • Quote and Enroll

    • Shop and enroll from one all-inclusive site
    • Eligibility notices
    • Drug and provider search
  • Manage

    • Upload documents for clients
    • Resolve DMIs and upload docs
    • Real-time status and notifications
    • Make first payment
    • Report life changes
    • Document retrieval (e.g., 1095As)
    • Add any Marketplace
  • More

    • Maintain consumer relationship
    • Year-round technology support
    • Track client activity
    • Referral bonus program
    • Reporting and analytics

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