HealthSherpa ACA Enrollment Platform

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Take Advantage of Cornerstone’s Partnership with HealthSherpa

This innovative healthcare technology is the country’s largest ACA agent enrollment platform. With HealthSherpa’s faster and easier alternative to, you’ll have the leading-edge technology you need to maximize your Marketplace experience. HealthSherpa is also the only agent platform approved by CMS to offer EDE (Enhanced Direct Enrollment).

Benefits of Using HEALTHSHERPA


No redirect to
No more waiting rooms
No more 3-way calls with CMS
Pre-populated renewal apps


Bulk email marketing
Branded enrollment site for your self-serve clients


Shop and enroll from one all-inclusive site
Eligibility notices
Drug & provider search


Upload documents for clients
Resolve DMIs & upload docs.
Real-time status & notifications
Make first payment
Report life changes
Document retrieval (e.g. 1095As)
Add any Marketplace


Maintain consumer relationship
Year-round technology support
Track client activity
Referral bonus program
Reporting & analytics

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