Aetna Resources for Provider Lookup

Aetna Provider Lookup Hotline

Aetna’s new Medicare provider lookup hotline is a resource for looking up providers during the busy AEP selling season: 1-844-375-2394. This hotline is for ready-to-sell brokers only and is available now through December 7. Representatives are available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. Learn more.


How to Find Network Providers for MA/MAPD Plans

Aetna’s online directory tools, and, are available for use and are updated 6 days a week. For your offline needs, provider directory PDFs are also available.

  • You can find Aetna provider directory PDFs on Producer World (Individual Medicare page, Product tab); these directory PDFs are updated monthly.

For Coventry provider directory PDFs, use the Coventry online directory, search for providers, and then choose the “print to PDF” option.

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