Cornerstone Meet N’ Greet: Jaime Lebròn

Jaime Lebròn

Jaime Lebròn, Director, Medicare/Individual

Jaime Lebròn is has recently joined Cornerstone’s Individual and Senior Marketing teams with a long career in insurance. We sat down with Jaime to talk about his experience in the industry and where he thinks it is headed.

CS: When did you start in the industry?

JL: I began my insurance career in 1995 as a Medicaid field representative.


CS: Where do you think the industry is headed?

JL: I believe the industry will continue to evolve as new changes and regulations are implemented. Eventually the industry will begin to level out depending on the outcome of carrier involvement, consolidation and product offerings. Consumer adoption of changes will lead to participation and the type of coverage selected, though health care affordability will continue to be the driver.


CS: What experience has most shaped your career?

JL: My experience dealing consumer direct has exposed me to the many challenges clients are concerned about. Identifying the right plan for the need is extremely important to maintain longevity and trust from your client.


More About Jaime

Favorite hobby: Camping

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Best advice you’ve ever received: Work hard, live right!

To contact Jaime, click here.

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