Get Contracted with National General!

Write up to four consecutive 90-day Short Term policies with no pre-existing or underwriting after the first policy has been approved.

Cornerstone is now offering National General Short Term and Ancillary products for your clients’ needs in 2018.

The advantage of back-to-back policies? While the deductible and any out-of-pocket responsibilities start over with each subsequent coverage certificate, any medical conditions that arise and were covered by the initial plan will be covered under subsequent new certificates, subject to plan limitations.

To get contracted, click here.

Username: CornerstoneBrokerInsServicesAgencyInc

Password: CB!s_299sa



Once you have completed the appointment link, please notify Sandy Weber of how you prefer commissions being paid (ex: Agent SS# or Agency)

Click here to check out our webinars October 4 and 5 for more information on National General.

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