Recent News

Aetna Extends AFA Broker Bonus Through December 2019

This broker bonus rewards you for group sales using Individual Medical Questionnaires (IMQs) through December 31, 2019, effective dates.

Ohio Governor Vetoes Health Care Transparency Provisions

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recently signed the state budget bill (HB 166) into law, vetoing some of the health care transparency provisions.

Medical Mutual’s SmartChoice Program Expected to Reduce Cost of Imaging Services

Through the program, healthcare providers and members are notified if the facility selected to perform an imaging service is high cost.

Accredo Will No Longer Dispense Certain Specialty Drugs

Beginning Sept. 1, 2019, Accredo Specialty Pharmacy will no longer dispense prescriptions for Repatha and Praluent.

Register for UnitedHealthcare’s July 2019 Broker Training Seminars

Make sure you and your agency are up-to-date on UnitedHealthcare’s latest products, sales and renewal tools, wellness programs, member service tools and everything else you need to know.

UnitedHealthcare Implements Medical Necessity Reviews for Some Musculoskeletal Procedures

The outpatient hospital site will be determined to be medically necessary if certain criteria are met.