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Aetna Plans to Stay Out of Individual Market in 2018 Following 2016 Losses

Aetna’s chairman, Mark Bertolini, says the company will not be involved in the individual market for the duration of 2018.

President Trump’s Nominee for HHS Does Not Support Privatization of Medicare

The HHS secretary nominee has stated that he does not support the privatization of Medicare and assures that the Medicare population should not be concerned.

Aetna’s Proposed Merger with Humana Prompts Concerns of Reducing Competition in the Marketplace

The proposed $37 billion acquisition was blocked because it was thought that it would lessen competition for Medicare Advantage plans in the marketplace.

WEBINAR: What are Hospital Indemnity Plans and Why Should I Sell Them?

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Open Enrollment is Ending: Important OEP and AEP Information for a Successful Enrollment Period

For Agent use only: Click here for referral forms and information for a successful enrollment period.

21st Century Cures Act

Cornerstone’s Nelson Culp discusses the Cures Act, the nuances behind it, and why it is still beneficial to offer group health plans.

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Minimize Burdens Caused by ACA

President Donald Trump signed an executive order giving authority to the secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other executive departments to “minimize ACA-related burdens.”

Rand Paul Brings His Own ACA Replacement Plan to the Table

The Republican Senator is working on a solution that would allow users to pay costs through tax credits or HSAs.

Worry Over Effects of Repealing ACA Drives Need for Republicans to Find Replacement Policy

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that nearly 18 million Americans could lose their insurance within a year if major provisions of the ACA are repealed (via The New York Times).