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New Jersey Residents May Lose Coverage if Trump Cuts Medicaid

Nearly one tenth of New Jersey working-adults may lose health coverage if President-Elect Trump decides to cut Medicaid in the repeal of Obamacare.

Confusion Among Buyers with Medicare Advantage Plans and Networks

The Wall Street Journal reports that there may be some confusion with Medicare Advantage plans among buyers, especially in determining which hospitals are included in the plans’ networks.

Repealing Obamacare May Be More Complex Than Expected

Repealing the health care law without a replacement may cause health insurers to exit the marketplace to avoid losses.

Symantec to Acquire LifeLock for $2.3 Billion

The acquisition is expected to bring in approximately $2.2 billion in annual revenue.

ACA Section 1557 Nondiscrimination Requirements Impact on Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

Cornerstone’s Danny Bradford discusses nondiscrimination regulations for employer-sponsored health plans and why brokers should prepare for these changes.

Obamacare Could Remain In Force Through 2017

Cleveland healthcare authorities are encouraging coverage with Obamacare, noting any changes to the existing program will likely roll out in 2018.