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Federal Tax Filing Deadline Coming Soon!

The deadline for all taxpayers to file and pay their federal income taxes was extended from April 15, 2021, until May 17, 2021.
May 10, 2021/by Cornerstone
Anthem Renewal Fee for Ohio Brokers

Don’t Forget to Pay Your Anthem OH Renewal Fee!

To remain an appointed broker with Anthem, please pay your $45.00 appointment renewal fee by May 28, 2021, using the NoMoreForms link you received in your email from Anthem.
May 10, 2021/by Cornerstone

Data Shows Increased Zero-Premium and Low-Premium Health Plans

The American Rescue Plan enhances and expands eligibility for advance payments of premium tax credits to purchase Marketplace insurance coverage under the ACA.
April 30, 2021/by Cornerstone

Be Recognized for Assisting New Marketplace Consumers!

This special recognition acknowledges the work you do in making the Marketplace more accessible to consumers, particularly those from historically underserved or underinsured populations.
April 30, 2021/by Cornerstone

Maximize Your Sales with UnitedHealthOne’s Second Quarter Bonus!

There are TWO ways to earn more in the second quarter with UnitedHealthOne's new bonus program. and maximize your sales with eligible products.
April 23, 2021/by Cornerstone

HHS Announces Reduced Costs and Expanded Access for Marketplace Coverage Under the American Rescue Plan

HHS recently announced that additional savings and lower health care costs are available for consumers on
April 5, 2021/by Cornerstone
CMS Extends 2021 Special Enrollment Period in Response to American Rescue Plan Act

IMPORTANT UPDATE: CMS Extends SEP to August 2021

In response to the benefits outlined in the American Rescue Plan regarding increased tax credits to reduce premiums, CMS has extended access to the 2021 SEP to August 15, 2021.
March 25, 2021/by Cornerstone
Camp Molina New 2021 SEP bonus program

Earn Your SEP Camp Molina Bonus Badge!

Molina Healthcare recently announced their New 2021 SEP Member Agent Bonus.
March 18, 2021/by Cornerstone

How the American Rescue Plan Impacts ACA Enrollments

For those enrolled in ACA plans, the law includes provisions that significantly affect subsidies and Advance Premium Tax Credits.
March 12, 2021/by Cornerstone
The Impact of COVID Relief Package on Health Insurance Premiums

ATTENTION: What Your Clients Need to Know About the American Rescue Plan Act

Under this bill, eligible COBRA enrollees (and their families) can receive a 100 percent federal subsidy for their COBRA premiums.
March 11, 2021/by Jennifer Agnello
Ambetter 2021 Special Enrollment Period Bonus Program for Health Insurance Agents

Earn Money From Ambetter’s 2021 SEP Bonus Program!

Ambetter's 2021 SEP Bonus Program rewards contracted brokers with a one-time, per-member bonus for eligible members enrolled between February 15, 2021, through May 15, 2021.
February 23, 2021/by Cornerstone
HealthSherpa offers $50 bonus for Ambetter applications

HealthSherpa Bonus Program Rewards Ambetter Sales

Until January 31, 2021, HealthSherpa will pay $50 (in addition to your usual commission) for any off-exchange Ambetter applications you submit through HealthSherpa.
January 22, 2021/by Cornerstone
Ohio Department of Insurance Health Insurance Agent Licensure Renewal Information

ODI Agent Licensure Renewal Information

Beginning January 1, 2021 the Ohio Department of Insurance will begin sending license renewal notifications via email instead of U.S. Mail.
January 15, 2021/by Cornerstone
CMS Provides Additional Support for Complex Health Insurance Consumer Cases on the Marketplace

CMS Provides Additional Support for Complex Consumer Cases

Consumer-specific complex cases are cases where a consumer has submitted an application for coverage and requires assistance in making a change to their application, plan coverage, reported income, and/or making profile updates.
January 15, 2021/by Cornerstone
UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance Incentive Program for Brokers and Agents in 2021

Have You Registered for UnitedHealthcare’s First Quarter Incentive?

From January 11, 2021, to April 15, 2021, you can earn money for every TriTerm Medical, Health ProtectorGuard, and/or Short-Term Medical (with HealthiestYou) application.
January 15, 2021/by Cornerstone
What are the Transparency in Coverage Regulations as they relate to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare?

What are the “Transparency in Coverage Regulations”?

These regulations are intended to improve price transparency, as required by the Affordable Care Act.
January 8, 2021/by Jennifer Agnello
Round up of Cornerstone's top webinars from the 2020 series

Check Out Cornerstone’s Round Up of the Top Webinars From 2020

Cornerstone's webinar series will be back in January 2021, but first, we want to take a look back at the best webinars from 2020.
December 22, 2020/by Cornerstone
There are still opportunities to sell outside of the Open Enrollment Period for health insurance

Open Enrollment is Now Over, But the Selling Season Continues

There are still opportunities to sell outside of Open Enrollment. Find out more!
December 18, 2020/by Cornerstone
Required Health Plan Coverage for COVID-19 Vaccine

Required Health Plan Coverage for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

Non-grandfathered group health plans and health insurance issuers offering non-grandfathered group or individual health insurance coverage must cover, without cost sharing, COVID-19 immunizations.
December 18, 2020/by Cornerstone
Anthem Reaches Agreement with Two Physician Groups

December Anthem Updates to Know About

Anthem releases information about ACA enrollment technology, agreements with physician groups, and Site of Care expansions.
December 3, 2020/by Cornerstone
Ohio Department of Insurance License Notification Update for 2021

Ohio Department of Insurance Licensing Renewal Notifications Change

Starting January 1, 2021, the ODI will begin sending license renewal notifications by email.
December 3, 2020/by Cornerstone
Win big with Ambetter's new enrollment bonus program!

Win Big with Ambetter’s 2021 New Enrollment Bonus Program!

Earn a one-time, per-member bonus for new Ambetter members you enroll during 2021 Open Enrollment.
November 10, 2020/by Cornerstone
Camp Molina Agent Bonuses for New and Renewing Individual Health Insurance Members

Earn Your Badges with the Camp Molina Bonuses!

Molina Healthcare recently announced their "Camp Molina Bonuses," which reward agents for new  and renewing 2021 members.
October 20, 2020/by Cornerstone
2021 Individual Affordable Care Act Carrier County Checklist

Attention Individual Agents: Take a Look at the 2021 Carrier County Checklist and Maps!

Cornerstone's individual team has put together a convenient checklist so you can easily track which carriers are in which Ohio counties for 2021.
October 19, 2020/by Cornerstone
Misconceptions About Enhanced Direct Enrollment

Misconceptions About Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services addresses four misconceptions about using EDE.
October 15, 2020/by Cornerstone
What the Heck is ICHRA?

What the Heck is ICHRA?

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services project that by 2029, roughly 800,000 employers will offer ICHRA, covering more than 11 million employees.
October 9, 2020/by Jennifer Agnello
Ambetter Midwest Health Insurance Broker Training ACA

Register for Ambetter’s Midwest Broker Training Webinar

Join Ambetter, a member of America's largest ACA carrier network, to learn about their 2021 individual and family offerings.
October 9, 2020/by Cornerstone
ICHRA Policy and Application Overview Webinar

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements: Policy and Application Overview

CMS will host the "Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements: Policy and Application Overview Webinar"
October 2, 2020/by Cornerstone
Oscar Product Training Webinar

Register Today for Oscar’s 2021 Product Training Webinars

Join Oscar to learn about their 2021 Oscar Individual & Family plan offerings.
September 18, 2020/by Cornerstone
2020 FPL Guidelines

Marketplace Will Use 2020 FPL Guidelines for Coverage Year 2021

The Health Insurance Marketplace will use the 2020 FPL guidelines when making calculations for APTC and income-based CSRs for coverage year 2021 starting November 1, 2020.
September 10, 2020/by Cornerstone
UnitedHealthOne Year-End Incentive

More Cash and More Plan Options with UnitedHealthOne’s Year-End Incentive

Watch your bonus grow when you meet your baseline of 30 TriTerm Medical, Short Term Medical, and/or Health ProtectorGuard eligible applications
September 3, 2020/by Cornerstone
Plan Year 2021 Training and Certification is Live

Plan Year 2021 Marketplace Registration and Training is LIVE

Don't wait! Agents with active on-exchange plans who want to receive renewal compensation must re-certify by the end of 2020.
August 19, 2020/by Cornerstone
Anthem MLR Rebates

Anthem Will Issue MLR Rebates in August

In an effort to ease the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthem will fast-track the MLR rebates to August.
August 5, 2020/by Cornerstone
Important ACA Updates From Medical Mutual

Important ACA Updates From Medical Mutual

Product updates, coverage changes, and business tips from Medical Mutual.
July 17, 2020/by Cornerstone
New Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Video New Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Video

CMS released a video about reporting federal pandemic unemployment compensation. Click here to watch the video.
July 1, 2020/by Cornerstone
MLMS Going Dark July 17

HEADS-UP: Marketplace Learning Management System Will Close July 17

The Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) will close or "go dark" starting July 17 in preparation for the launch of registration and training for plan year 2021.
June 17, 2020/by Cornerstone
Network and Program Updates From Medical Mutual

Network and Program Updates From Medical Mutual

These updates include VSP network updates and enhancements to Chronic Condition Management Program.
June 10, 2020/by Cornerstone
Ameritas COVID-19 Benefit Enhancements

Ameritas Offers COVID-19 Benefit Enhancements

In an effort to help customers maintain their benefit coverage and good health during the pandemic, Ameritas as extended premium grace periods for all their customers and eliminated renewal rate increases for many groups.
May 27, 2020/by Cornerstone
Golden Rule's New Bonus Program

Take Advantage of Golden Rule’s New Bonus Program!

When you meet your baseline of 10 eligible applications submitted between May 18, 2020–August 31, 2020, you can be enjoying more than the nice weather.
May 22, 2020/by Cornerstone
2021 Contribution Limits

IRS Announces 2021 HSA Contribution Limits, HDHP Minimum Deductibles, and HDHP Out-of-Pocket Maximums

The IRS has released the 2021 cost-of-living adjusted limits for health savings accounts and high-deductible health plans.
May 22, 2020/by Cornerstone
Dental Care Plus Premium Credit

The Dental Care Plus Group Premium Relief for our Employer Groups and Individuals

The Dental Care Plus Group is offering employer groups and commercial individual members a 50 percent credit for April premiums paid and 50 percent credit for self-funded administration fees paid in April.
May 19, 2020/by Cornerstone
Benefits of Enhanced Direct Enrollment

The Benefits of Enhanced Direct Enrollment

Consider using Enhanced Direct Enrollment, which allows you to remotely assist your clients with applying for, enrolling in, and managing Marketplace coverage.
May 7, 2020/by Cornerstone
Supreme Court ACA Ruling

The Supreme Court’s ACA Ruling and What it Might Mean

According to ThinkAdvisor, the U.S. Supreme Court's ACA ruling could "add some stability to the individual and family major medical insurance market, at a time the COVID-19 is shaking everything up."
May 1, 2020/by Cornerstone

Important News About UnitedHealthcare Short-Term Medical Plans

Golden Rule's short-term medical product in Ohio will now be replaced by UnitedHealthcare's new short-term medical plans starting May 1.
May 1, 2020/by Cornerstone
Working Remote Using Telesales

WEBINAR: Increase Your Income by 30 Percent!

Agents will learn how to use telesales during this really unusual time and be able to do a "simple customer service call" and transition into a sale.
April 24, 2020/by Cornerstone

Boost Your Earnings with Anthem’s Individual SEP Broker Bonus Program

Anthem's Individual SEP Broker Bonus Program rewards agents with a one-time bonus of $150 for each member enrolled in an Individual ACA on- or off-exchange plan.
April 6, 2020/by Cornerstone
Medical Mutual Transitional ACA Policies

Medical Mutual Extends Transitional ACA Policies Through 2021

Following the Ohio Department of Insurance's memo extending transitional policies through 2021, Medical Mutual will allow their transitional individual and small group business to renew their non-ACA-compliant coverage through the 2021 plan year.
April 1, 2020/by Cornerstone
Required Tax Forms for Clients Enrolled in Marketplace Who Have Received Premium Tax Credits

Required Tax Forms for Clients Enrolled in Marketplace Who Have Received Premium Tax Credits

Consumers who have enrolled in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace and have received payments of the premium tax credit (APTC) must use Form 1095-A to complete Form 8962 when they file their 2019 federal income taxes.
March 20, 2020/by Cornerstone

IMPORTANT: Carrier Guidance Regarding COVID-19

As we all navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the carriers are issuing guidance with coverage details on diagnosis, testing, and treatment of the virus.
March 19, 2020/by Cornerstone

We Want to Help You and Your Group Clients!

If you have employee benefit clients who are laying off employees, clients who are thinking about ceasing to offer group health insurance coverage due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, or if you know of individuals in need, we have solutions to assist your clients and help you retain potential lost revenue.
March 19, 2020/by Cornerstone

IRS Releases 2019 Form 8889 and Instructions for HSA Reporting

The IRS recently released the 2019 version of Form 8889 for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and its instructions.
March 13, 2020/by Cornerstone

Congress Repeals Cadillac Tax and Health Insurance Tax

The legislation fully repeals the Cadillac Tax and repeals the HIT effective January 1, 2021.
December 20, 2019/by Cornerstone

Medical Mutual’s SuperDental Network Expands Provider Options

This new network will provide dental members with nearly 1,600 more dental providers than the current network.
December 9, 2019/by Cornerstone

Emergency Medicine Physicians of Cincinnati is Leaving Anthem’s Networks

Pending final negotiations, Emergency Medicine Physicians of Cincinnati will leave Anthem's networks effective December 24, 2019.
December 9, 2019/by Cornerstone

2019 HSA Refresher: The Ins and Outs

As deductibles continue to rise and these numbers continue to grow, it is important to know the ins and outs of HSAs so that we can better advise our clients.
March 13, 2019/by Cornerstone

The Holy Grail of Advertising: The Importance of Referrals From Your Clients

It can’t be said enough: Referrals are one of the most important components of a successful inbound sales strategy.
September 19, 2018/by Geoff Beglen

Short-Term Health Insurance: A New, More Affordable Option

Many short-term plans come with additional perks and benefits such as wellness, telemedicine, etc.
September 7, 2018/by Jennifer Agnello

You Have a Lot to Offer! Increasing Revenue with Ancillary Sales

Add-on products or ancillary sales can account for as much as twenty percent of additional business revenue.
July 11, 2018/by Cornerstone

What’s Old is New Again: Recycling in the Individual Market

The title of one of my favorite movies, Back to the Future, seems apropos when compared to today’s individual health insurance market. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) being anything but affordable, many consumers are looking for alternative options to cover themselves and their families.
April 26, 2018/by Luke Boemker

You Don’t Have to be Zuckerberg to be in “The Social Network”

You can create a simple social media strategy that facilitates your business’s growth and augments your communication with customers.
February 26, 2018/by Jessica Larkin

Opioid Use Disorder: An Epidemic That Does Not Discriminate

Recently I attended a seminar on what has become the nation’s number one health care crisis: opioid use. It was a wake-up call to some astonishing information. Our industry has begun to feel the devastating effects and so far there is no end in sight.
January 17, 2018/by Jennifer Agnello