Cornerstone Webinar Series

The Individual Corner

Join Cornerstone’s Geoff Beglen and his carrier representative guests to learn tips and tricks for optimizing your business, new opportunities for your clients, and more.

The Group Corner

The Group Corner webinar is your one-stop educational resource for everything employee benefits. Join our employee benefits experts and carrier guests to discuss products, techniques, tips, and tricks that will lead you to success.

Build Your Brand

Level up your marketing! Join Cornerstone’s marketing and communications specialist to learn more about creating a brand, print design, building and maintaining a website, social media fundamentals and advertising, and much more.

Tech Tuesday

Optimize your technology use this year. Join Cornerstone Tech Expert Tom Levine to learn how to efficiently use technology to build your business with webinars on Microsoft Office, data security, Google searches, “techcessories,” and more.

Special Guest Series

The Cornerstone Corner special guest series showcases experts in various professions, including government, legal, compliance, medical, financial, and sales, who will present their industry-relevant insights throughout the year.