Why Work with Cornerstone?

All of the value you need without the price tag.

Our vision is to be the trusted partner solving complex benefit challenges.

Join Cornerstone’s growing list of agent partners to receive access to our full value offering below, along with subject matter experts, to assist you with all the technical aspects of our industry.

Our services are valued at up to $50,000, but as a Cornerstone broker, you receive them all at no cost.

The Benefit of Becoming a Cornerstone Partner


We are the carrier’s voice to the broker and influential as the broker’s voice to the carrier.

Business Growth and Retention

Your success is our success. We are active participants assisting you with creative sales strategies that help set your business apart.


We are laser-focused experts with an average of 17 years tenure in the health insurance industry.


Education takes precedence with weekly webinars, CE opportunities, compliance consultations, and much more.

Preparing for Your Future

Your business is in safe hands with Cornerstone’s compensation-based client referral program and succession planning services.


You’re the first to know about any carrier or legislative updates that enhance your business. We eliminate the fluff and get down to business.

Support Team

Our support team is an extension of your business. Our back-room services enable you to maximize your sales strategies.

Tools for Success

Our partners have access to discounted and free industry-leading tools and technology along with exclusive products instrumental to conducting an efficiently run business.

Our agency has been working with Cornerstone since 2003. Cornerstone does an exceptional job of supporting our agency and more importantly, our clients. Simply put, Cornerstone is our partner, we could have never experienced our year over year growth without them. Cornerstones support allows our agency to run lean and efficient in terms of staffing, easily representing the difference of two to three employees. Their knowledge and expertise is unmatched. Cornerstone’s size, block of business and leverage with the various carriers allows our smaller agency to receive the same treatment from carriers as our larger agency competitors. From top to bottom we are supported in every way, we are honored to call Cornerstone our partner!

So what are you waiting for? Become a Cornerstone broker partner today.