Agency Services Program

As an ASP broker, you are the pilot of your business and we are your flight crew.

Designed to help you make a plan for your business, your clients, and your family

As a Cornerstone broker, you have access to a myriad of services that can help you with business outside of your scope and planning for the future. The Agency Services Program (ASP) is designed to help you make a plan for your business, your clients, and your family, no matter the situation. Among the services provided in ASP are a compensation-based client referral program, succession planning, retirement assistance, and service agreements. 

As an ASP broker, you are the pilot of your business and we are your flight crew. We will create a customized plan for you based on your specific needs to ensure that you, your business, and your family are covered.

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Autopilot Client Referral Program

Never say “no” to a client

Autopilot is a compensation-based client referral program structured to help our valued broker partners grow their business. This program offers the services of licensed representatives to quote, enroll, support, and provide year-round service to clients that may fall out of your business scope, but never off your radar!

With Autopilot, our talented team will take care of your clients’ health insurance needs for individual and family coverage, employee benefits, or Medicare solutions.

  • Get paid for referrals.

    Compensation structure is based on the highest commission levels.

  • Earn residual income.

    We have a 93 percent client retention rate!

  • Save time and money.

    No need to certify annually for certain lines or stay on top of all legislative changes.

  • Multi-state service.

    Don’t lose a client if they have left your service area or licensed state.

  • Confidence and trust.

    More than 40 years of market experience and tenured carrier relationships.

  • We do it all, big or small.

    Send us seasonal overflow, an entire block, or let us help with an exit strategy.

Parachute Succession Planning Program

Life is unpredictable and it’s important to have a plan in place.

What would happen if you were unable to service your clients due to death or disability? Do you have a plan in place? Someone to give the same level of excellence you have worked so hard to build? Is your spouse or beneficiary at risk? How would your loved ones handle the loss of income? What would your clients do?

Life is unpredictable and it’s important to have a plan in place. As a valued Cornerstone broker, you don’t have to leave your legacy to chance.

Cornerstone’s succession planning program helps you arrange a strategy to provide your beneficiaries with income, along with peace of mind, in the event of your unexpected death or disability. This includes:

  • Communications

    Drafting communications to your current client base in the event of your death or disability.

  • Preparation

    Preparing your business and beneficiaries with a financial plan.

  • Review

    Conducting annual reviews to audit your succession plan and make any necessary changes.

Flight Plan Retirement Preparation

A smart approach to executing a solid exit strategy.

Prepare your flight plan with Cornerstone. As an ASP broker, your flight plan is ready for when you’re ready to leave the market or simply looking to lighten the load.

Since 2002, our specialized team of licensed advisors have helped brokers transition into retirement by building a client care plan with exceptional service and support of their clients’ health insurance needs. Our talented representatives are multi-state licensed and ready to assist clients with policy and product guidance, quoting, and enrollment along with year-round customer service.

  • Perfect Timing

    We’ll help execute your exit strategy at your pace, respecting the valued relationship you have with your clients.

  • Transparent Transition

    We represent ourselves to your client, first and foremost, as your partner.

  • Reliability and Trust

    We have a 93 percent client retention rate and a five-star rating on Google!

Copilot Service Agreement

A cooperative approach to taking care of your clients.

With the Copilot service agreement, we fill in the gaps to cover the full scope of your clients’ needs.

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